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SLOMATICS Estron vinyl gets re-released on BWR

YSlomatics-Estron-Artworkou can leave it to JJ over at The obelisk to do the right thing. He missed the release of Estron by Slomatics last year but realized his mistake and made up for it with a glowing review published last week. Read a quote from that review below. In other good news: we at Burning World Records already released Estron on cd but when the band asked us if we would be up for it to re-release the album on vinyl as the original version on the Head Of Crom-label was sold out of course we jumped at the chance: yes! Hell yeah even!

Conan live at Roadburn 2012 now available on Bandcamp on ‘name your price’ basis

Conan Live at Roadburn 2012 by Tony RobertsRoadburn Records is proud to present another installment in the ‘Live at Roadburn’-series. Conan’s Mount Wrath: Live At Roadburn 2012 is only available digitally for now. February/March will see the release of the CD and the vinyl around the end of March.

As we want as many people to hear these great sets we decided to do the digital version on a “pay what you want or ”name your price” basis.

For those who need the real thing and want to be sure to get one we have already put up both cd and vinyl up for pre-order. But beware: cd’s will be sent of in two weeks, vinyl at the end of March 2013.

If you have a small wallet due to the expensive holiday season, just pick it up for free and enjoy it! If you got some more money to spend and want to support the band and the label, you can name your own price. In the meantime the stream from Bandcamp itself is free, so if you don’t want to leave your email address when you want to download it for free, you can just enjoy the album from our Bandcamp site.

Roadburn Records to release CONAN Mount Wrath:Live at Roadburn. Artwork revealed!

Conan Mount WrathRoadburn Records is proud to announce the third show from Roadburn 2012 to make it to an official release. After Chelsea Wolfe and Bongripper, the mighty Conan gets the Live At Roadburn treatment. The gig the British threesome did in Stage 1 was massive and left many a spectator standing with their mouths open and their ears closed. The band calls the album: Mount Wrath – Live At Roadburn.

But who can say it better than our good friend Adam Stone from Head of Crom Records who said it like this in his Roadburn Festival 2012 review for The Sleeping Shaman:

‘The band were in obviously ebullient form, stoked at playing this legendary festival and also being asked to join Sleep in Oslo, as selections from the new and monstrous ‘Monnos’ were intermingled with the huge and bulldozing force of classics like ‘Krull’ and ‘Older Than Earth’. Jon’s instantly likeable faraway vocals have never sounded more realised to these ears, and the audience were massively appreciative of Conan’s true wallop as the Stonehenge of amps that framed the band belched out universe-sized slices of ultra low-end hostility. A special mention too for Paul O’Neil’s expert drumming which represents the kind of versatility and intelligence that one would not usually expect with this most primal of genres, truly adding colour to the palette. By the end of the set I had cunningly worked my way into the centre of the room and believe me I was not regretful of the deoxygenated crush of Stage 01 – Conan had finally arrived on the international stage like the great wrecking ball that they have always been and I needed to be there to witness their special Roadburn moment. I toast thee lads – you are truly monolithic. ‘

The live recordings were mixed and mastered again by James Plotkin in New York just like he did for the Monnos album.

Artwork was once again in the hands of the master Tony Robert. Click below for a bigger version of the artwork:

Conan Live At Roadburn Sleeve

The album will be released digitally first at February 1st, the cd will be out one month later (accompagnied bij a secret release party somewhere… ) and the vinyl version will be out April 1st. In time for the Conan tour with the mighty Bongripper.

Till then you can listen to the set at the 3VOOR12 network:

SLOMATICS première second track from A Hocht. Pre-sale started

Slomatics have made the second track from their third album A Hocht available for streaming on their Bandcamp page. The cd is in production now and set to arrive first week of September 2012. We have started the pre-order for the cd at the Burning World Records site if you want to make sure to get your copy, probably even before the official release date. Vinyl duties are handled by our friends at Head Of Crom.

A Hocht is available solo and in combination with the Conan / Slomatics split CD we released earlier.

Listen to the second track Return To Kraken below:

SLOMATICS to release A Hocht on cd on Burning World. First track and artwork available

And the good news keep on coming. After White Hills US, Black Magician and Chelsea Wolfe another addition to the roster. Slomatics from Belfast, Ireland will release their cd A Hocht on Burning World Records in September 2012. Artwork will be provided by Tony Roberts who also did the Conan – Monnos album and the Conan / Slomatics split cd for us. Vinyl duties will be handled by UK’s own Head Of Crom Records. Mastering was done by James Plotkin.

Slomatics from Belfast reporting for duty to bring you a blitzkrieg of total chaos and destruction. As their name might indicate, these guys like it slow; Electric Wizard riffage mixed with Melvins grooves and some DNA from the New Orleans family (Eyehategod, Sourvein). With two maximum low tuned guitars, who needs a bass player anyway? As a trio, Slomatics will do enough damage as it is!

The band will play at the Incubate Festival in September here in Holland.

Listen to the first track of the album, Beyond Acid Canyon on Bandcamp:

Burning World Records to release Conan/Slomatics split in cd in September

conan-slomatics-cover2Recently, Liverpudlian heavyweights Conan announced that they had signed to Burning World/Roadburn Records (that’s us!) for the release of their soon to be recorded 2012 album. Following on from that, they are delighted to be able to announce that their recent split album with Northern Irish riff lords Slomatics will also be getting a release via Burning World Records (us again!).

Originally only available on a limited edition vinyl via Head of Crom (now all but sold out, but we still have some on blue vinyl in our store. Same goes for Conan’s debut Horseback Battle Hammer onn white vinyl), the crushing might of this doom tag team will soon be available on compact disc from our friends in Holland.

The split, which was mastered by James Plotkin (Khanate, Pelican, Earth) has already received rave reviews in its wax format. “People should be aware that the CD release was mixed with a lot more bottom end than the vinyl release – it’s ridiculously heavy.” comments Conan’s riff-mastermind, Jon Davis. The incredible artwork by Tony Roberts (Electric Wizard, Cathedral) can be seen on the left.

Pre-order will be up in about two weeks.