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THE ANGELIC PROCESS Weighing Souls new artwork, presale started

Today is the day. The Angelic Process album Weighing Souls With Sand is finally available again on double vinyl since 2008! Mories de Jong of Gnaw Their Tongues/Seirom fame did an update of the artwork (click for bigger).

The album is availabe in 3 colors:

  • gold (limited to 100)
  • orange (limited to 200)
  • black (limited to 200)

Pre-order in our online store: shipping will commence 1st week of March.

If needed you can fill up the box (up to 2 kg is the same shipping rate) with items that are still hot:

Find the bonus track (only available on vinyl) for you listening pleasure below.

ROADBURN RECS to reissue Weight Souls from Angelic Process on vinyl

MI0000862576Weighing Souls With Sand by Angelic Process was the 2nd release of Roadburn records way back in 2007 (wow has it bee that long? We feel a 10 year anniversary coming up!). The record has gained notoriety over the years as the best thing that has come out of the combined minds of K Angylus and M Dragynfly. All though we like Coma Wearing and other releases from them as well WSWS has always had a special place in our hearts because – well we released it!

The album was also catching crazy money on Ebay and such and we also had a lot of requests for a reissue so we are glad to announce that this will happen after 9 years. The double album (including one vinyl-only track on side D!) will be out in March and pre-orders will go up next week. More info on the release then as the artwork has been slightly altered and a dedication to K Angylus was added.

For those not familiar with the album. This is quote from the Popmatters-review at the time: The variation the pair displays is sublime: we get the drone of Boris, the experimental noise of Swans, the mechanical crunch of Godflesh, the epic scope of Isis, the awe-inspiring power of Neurosis, and the sumptuous beauty of My Bloody Valentine all at once, as the musicians croon and scream, the oblique vocals in the vein of classic shoegaze from the early 1990s. The enveloping effect of the album’s mix is stunning, as the underlying melodies bring genuine warmth, radiating from the massive wall of sound. 

Or listen to the album below on Bandcamp.

BURNING WORLD RECORDS sampler for Roadburn Festival 2013, shops temporary offline

Burning World Records is proud to present the Roadburn Festival 2013 samplerBurning World records sampler. All visitors of the festival will receive the sampler when they get in this Thursday.

This is the track listing of the sampler:

THE ANGELIC PROCESS – My Blood Still Whispers
VATNETT VISKAR – Intention Oblivion
NIHILL – Fantoom
HAIKAI NO KU – Powder Flower
GNAW THEIR TONGUES – Death’s Embrace
BLACK MAGICIAN – Four Thieves Vinegar
CONAN – Grim Tormentor
MONOMYTH – Vanderwaalskrachten

You can listen to the sampler now at our Bandcamp page.

And next to that we have closed both our Discogs store and the Burning World Store till after Roadburn as the stock will go so fast there we can not keep the store updated. To limit the situations where customers have ordered records we don’t have anymore we have decided to close the shops till next Tuseday or Wednesday.

New vinyl on Discogs: The Angelic Process, Opeth, Ulver and more

Altar Of Plagues – White Tomb (LP, Gre) 
The Angelic Process – Coma Wearing CD
The Angelic Process – Coma Wearing LP (black & gold + shirt)

Anywhere – Anywhere (LP, Album) 
A Storm Of Light – 03 03 12 Cleveland (CDr, EP, Pap) 
Bang  – Death Of A Country (LP, Bla) 
Black Keys, The – Magic Potion (LP)
Body, The & Braveyoung – Nothing Passes (LP) 
Conan – Monnos LP (white vinyl)
Dark Castle – Surrender To All Life Beyond Form (LP, Blo) 
Elder – Spires Burn/Release (12", Ltd) 
Eternal Tapestry – Dawn In 2 Dimensions (LP, Album) 
Horisont – Second Assault (LP, Album, Whi) 
Farflung / Black Land – Orbital Decay / The Ecstasy Of Awakening (12") 
Iron Monkey  – Iron Monkey (LP, Album, Ltd) 
Obsessed, The – The Church Within (2×10", Ltd) 
Opeth – In Live Concert At The Royal Albert Hall (4xLP + 2xDVD-V)
Øresund Space Collective – Phaze Your Fear (LP, Album, Ltd) 
Porcupine Tree – The Sky Moves Sideways (2xLP, Album) 
Ike Reiko – You, Baby (LP)
Mike Scheidt – Stay Awake (LP, Album) 
Secrets Of The Moon – Seven Bells (2xLP, Album, Ltd) 
Solefald – Norrøn Livskunst (2xLP, Album) 
Sons Of Otis – Spacejumbofudge (LP, Red) 
Torche – Harmonicraft (LP, Album, Ltd, Cle) 
Ulver – Roadburn EP (7", EP, Ltd, Gol) 
Ulver – Childhood's End (2xLP, Album) 
Ulver – Themes From William Blake's The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell (2xLP, Album, Ltd) 

White Hills – Live At Roadburn 2011 (white vinyl)
Woven Hand – Live At Roepaen (2xVinyl, Album + DVD-V, PAL) 
Year Of No Light / Altar Of Plagues – Year Of No Light / Altar Of Plagues (LP, Ltd) 


THE ANGELIC PROCESS Coma Waering out on vinyl now. Pics available!

Burning World records is proud to present it’s newest vinyl release: The Angelic Process’ masterpiece Coma Waering.

We pressed up 500 copies, 100 on gold vinyl including an optional T-shirt and 400 copies on old fashioned black vinyl. Get them while you can. Check what our last release Weighing Souls With Sand by The Angelic Process does on Ebay nowadays and you know you want this now you still can for a reasonable price. If you want to take a closer look at the vinyl check out the pictures below. Not very high quality as they come from my I-phone but still, you’ll get the idea.

[nggallery id=12]

Check out all version of the release (cd, black vinyl, gold vinyl, gold vinyl + shirt) out in the Burning World Records webshop at http://burningworldrecords.com/artist/angelic-process-the.

Pre-order THE ANGELIC PROCESS Coma Waering cd and vinyl now available. T-shirt included

Burning World Records is now taking pre-order for the cd and vinyl re-issue of The Angelic Process masterpiece Coma Waering. This is the first time any The Angelic Process vinyl is available since 2007 when Burning World Records sublabel Roadburn Records released Weighing Souls With Sand on double vinyl (which by the way is catching top prices on Ebay nowadays). Find the links to the pre-orders below.

The T-shirts that comes with the pre-orders was designed by Mories of Gnaw Their Tongues.

Find the link for the pre-orders here, the album is available on cd and on vinyl (gold and black vinyl) and a T-shirt is also available, but tyhe cd and vinyl are also available seperately.

The items will be shipped in the last week of June 2012.

Burning World to release THE ANGELIC PROCESS – Coma Waering on cd and vinyl, new artwork revealed

Burning World Records is extremely proud to announce the re-issue of The Angelic Process album Coma Waering on cd, and for the first time ever on LP. Coma Waering was first released on Paradigms Records in 2006 on cd, but was never released on vinyl. Our sublabel Roadburn Records already released the last The Angelic Process Album Weighing Souls With Sand on double vinyl back in 2007.

Some review quotes for the album at the time:

“The Angelic Process are (or sadly, were) the best band in the world, ever, for all time. Coma Waering, while a bit more inconsistent, is better then their (simliarly amazing) final album Weighing Souls With Sand. Lower lows (if you can call them that), but higher highs.” (Heathen Harvest)

“The Angelic Process does not create complicated music. Listeners looking for technicality or flashy time signatures can look elsewhere. What the band strives for is to convey as much emotion as possible in the simplest of song structures. From multiple listens of Coma Waering it can be concluded that they succeed on all counts. Coma Waering stifles the listener with wave after wave of heavily distorted bass coupled with memorable chord changes and intelligent synth arrangements.” (Sputnikmusic.com)

We simply think it’s one of the best albums ever made and we are proud to release it on our label.

With the release also comes new artwork, made by Mories of Gnaw Their Tongues. Find the front sleeve below.

The album will be available on cd on June 15th 2012, the vinyl on July 1st 2012. Pre-orders will start at the end of May.