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Summer Sale: 3 Burning World / Roadburn Records cd’s for 10 euro!

summer-saleBecause we missed a week last week we are gonna do something special this week.

Take your pick of these 11 titles from our catalogua and only spend 10 bucks (not including postage)! The ideal way to complete your Burning World or Roadburn Records collection.

How does it work? Just pay for the items and put in the Paypal-comments which titles you want. If you order more we will work out the cheapest way of shipping and refund you the surplus on the shipping payments you made.

This is the list, get the sale here or browse through all the summer sale items here:

The Angelic Process – Coma Wearing CD
A Storm Of Light – Valley CD
Black Magician – Nature is the Devil’s church CD
Bong – Live At Roadburn CD
Church Of Misery – Live At Roadburn CD
Slomatics – A Hocht CD
Stone Axe – Stone Axe CD
White Darkness – Nothing CD
White Hills – Live At Roadburn CD
Wino – Live At Roadburn CD
Year Of No Light – Live At Roadburn CD


Summer sale: Intronaut Habitual Levitations on yellow vinyl for 10 euro

intronaut habitual-levitations-yellow-double-lpThis week’s Burning World Records special is Intronaut’s 4th album Habitual Leviatations on yellow vinyl for only 10 euro! The normal price for this item is 20 euro but till the end of the summer you – the Burning World Records customer – can get it for half the price.

Get the album here or see the whole list of summer sale items we still have going here.

Read below what the album is all about:

‘Los Angeles post-prog masters INTRONAUT return with their 4th and most impressive full length album to date; “Habitual Levitations“. Once again yielding thunderous, tribal drum beats, hypnotic bass patterns, angular guitar riffs and the trance-like vocals of Sacha Dunable, INTRONAUT pick up where they left off on 2010’s Valley of Smoke, though this time around, see the songs a bit more refined and cultivated. The band toured heavily in support of Valley, including a stint opening for Tool in the US, which may explain the more polished sound. INTRONAUT has always teetered close on being a jam band. With one of the greatest rhythm sections in music (drummer, Danny Walker and bassist, Joe Lester) it would be hard not to just light up and see where those two take you. Experimenting on stage, knowing exactly where each band member is going in the song and thus really becoming one as a band is what INTRONAUT has achieved and what producers John Haddad [Exhumed, Phobia] and Derek Donley [Bereft] managed to capture perfectly on the new album. With a US tour supporting Meshuggah and Animals as Leaders set prior to Habitual’s release, INTRONAUT will surely continue to mature and solidify themselves as one of the best metal bands around.’

Summer sale: Spiritual Beggars Earth Blues on blue vinyl for 10 euro!

Spiritual Beggarss NewAnother week another summer sale item. This week it’s the special Roadburn edition of the latest Spiritual Beggars opus Earth Blues. It’s on blue vinyl and it’s only 10 euro! (Normally they go for 20.) We’d say that is a bargain! Get your copy on the Burning World Records Summer Sale page or on our Discogs site if you prefer that..

Here’s some recommandations the reviewers had in store for the album a few months back when it came out:

‘No bullshit, “Earth Blues” contains some of the best material SPIRITUAL BEGGARS have written (yeah, there are some black spots too). I don’t know if this is early excitement (I doubt it) but I enjoyed “Earth Blues” more than both “On Fire” and “Demons”. Most definitely one of your best options this year if you are a Stonerhead, Hard Rocker or just a guy who appreciates great Rock music. SPIRITUAL BEGGARS are back man!!!’ (Doommantia.com)

‘Earth Blues is an exceptionally well done, highly listenable retro rock album from a super group of metal warriors and I recommend it wholeheartedly to those not yet sick of living in the past. Turn it up and party like it’s 1973! Peace frog.(Angry Metal Guy.com)

Summer sale: White Hills – Live At Roadburn 2011 on white vinyl for 5 euro

WhiteHills-LiveAtRoadburn2011-1And the summer sale continues! Thanks all for purchasing Wino’s Live At Roadburn Lp on gold vinyl. Thas one is sold out now for that price. This weeks sale item is another Live At Roadburn classic. White Hills played a blistering set at Roadburn 2011 and we captured it on vinyl and cd. Till next Wednesday this album on white vinyl is only 5 euro! And to make the sale complete we also added the cd version for 5 euro. So for 10 euro you can have the full analogue experience on your turntable and the cd for you car!

If you need more White Hills, click here (please note you can only add the WHite Hills / Earthless 10″ if you spend more than 50 euro) or you just want the summer sale items please click here. If in doubt please listen to the whole set on Bandcamp below (Pay what you want download, even free!)


Summer sale: WINO Live At Roadburn 2010 on gold vinyl for 5 euro!

wino2It’s wednesday again so we have another week long sale for you. This week it’s one of the classics from the Live At Roadburn catalogue: Wino – Live At Roadburn 2010 (on gold vinyl). Read what The Sleeping Shaman had to say about the release when it came out:

‘Sound wise we are left in no doubt that this is as live as an album can get. It is just one step away from being a soundboard recording, albeit an exceptional one. This is one of the biggest selling points, however. Each instrument sits right in the mix in the perfect spot and the sound is admirably rich for such an honest recording. Wino and Roadburn Records have also not skimped on the recording, this is the whole set as it went down…no omitting tracks because of fluffs or fluctuations in response or quality…this is a warts and all document of a unique and special band on a special night for them. When Wino tells the crowd from the stage how much he enjoys playing with this line-up you can’t help but believe him, that spirit oozes from this recording.’

We have a limited supply available of this title so get it while it’s still on sale. Next week it will be normal price again.

Get it in our online store at Burning World Records.com or in our Discogs store.

This album is dedicated to bassist Jon Blank who passed away 4 days after the show.

Listen (or download) the show for free at Bandcamp below:




Weekly summer sale: HIGH ON FIRE The Art Of Self Defense 2LP

287503This week we are starting with a new initiative to get you through the summer without spending too much money. Every week on Tuesday we’ll put an album online for a very low price, it will stay that way for a week and then it will go back to normal. It could be a Roadburn Records or Burning World Records release, or an album from another label.

This week we’ll start of with the stoner milestone that is High On Fire’s The Art Of Self Defense on Southern Lord records on black vinyl. Remastered and with bonus tracks. Every doom- and stonerhead should have one!

The Art Of Self Defense” was initially released in 2000 by Man’s Ruin Records. Featuring the collective energies of guitarist/vocalist Matt Pike, drummer Des Kensel, and bassist George Rice with producer Billy Anderson, the record billows at the seams with Pike’s instantly recognizable guitar tone, first unleashed during his days with stoner metal behemoths SLEEP. An audio hail storm of piledriving riffs, booming rhythms and Pike’s gruff vocal tirades, “The Art Of Self Defense” remains a staple in HIGH ON FIRE’s renowned catalog of audio greatness.

Initially this one was quite expensive to get. Especially over here in Europe. But now is your chance to get it for a very attractive price: 16 euro. Order yours before the price goes back to normal, in our online store.