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Burning World Records presents: BURNING INSIDE RECORDS

0004687210_10Burning World Records is proud to present a new label to add to the roster that already includes Roadburn Records and Lay Bare Recordings. Burning Inside Records will focus on the dark ambient music on vinyl and the two first releases can be seen as a statement of intent.

First up will be the Yen Pox album “Between The Horizon and the Abyss” on double vinyl. The album has turned up on lots of end of yearlists for 2015 and we thought it needed a vinyl version to fully experience the depth and darkness of the material. Next to the beautifull artwork that now can be seen in all it’s majestic splendor. The cd-version was released by Malignant Records in the US and the vinyl version will be a split release between Burning Inside Records for Europe and Malignant for the USA.

We can’t agree more with the words that blog The Sound Not the Word penned down on the album: “Whilst it’s undeniably a dark ambient album – full of drones, loops, and sounds that haunt you long after the album has stopped playing – there is an extra, more musical sense to it compared with most other albums of the genre, which gives the album a very strong foundation, and helps keep it interesting and listenable. In a genre filled with releases that often feel interchangeable, Yen Pox have created something with clear character, that is incredibly strong and deserves recognition as not just one of the year’s best records, but as a high watermark for the genre.

Listen to the first track of the album below on Soundcloud.

Pre-orders will be up next week.

HAIKAI NO KU to release Sick On My Journey album on Burning World Records

Haikai No Ku Sick On My Journey SleeveHaikai No Ku – the brainchild of Bong guitarist Mike Vest, Sam Booth and Jerome Smith – will release it’s first album on Burning World Records this august. The release will be available on cd, vinyl and digital.

The band has been described as: “Death Toll Blues” . Ear damaging psych heavily influenced by Japanese bands like Mainliner, Les Rallizes Denudes etc. Crashing drums and Bass lay down the framework for fiery guitar attacks to lash across peoples faces. Expect dirge, noise and astral planes.


New Newcastle supergroup featuring Mike Vest (Drunk In Hell, Bong, Master Slave,Ramesses, Basillica, Obey, etc), Jerome Smith (Female Borstal) and Sam Booth (Fooot Hair, Obey). Phew! Haikai No Ku play some of the most morose, damaged blues psych we’ve heard in years: death-toll bass and crashing drums lead the way for a solitary guitar line obliterated by total psychedelic guitar scree. Songs start off as loose jams that slowly build up to utter brain-melting acid psychedelia. Early Ramleh gone deathrock?

Listen to the first track below on Bandcamp or check out more (live) stuff of the band on Soundcloud:

Archival SPK live cd’s from 1981 and 1982/1983 released. Audio available

SPK LiveWe just received a large packet from the Greek Therapeutic/Adverse Recordings who apparoached us if we wanted to carry some SPK live cd’s in our distro. After listening to the sample discs the label sent we did not have to think twice and mailed back: hell yes! These are high quality soundboard (or at leas very near the sound board!) recordings of one of the seminal 80 industrial bands live. There are two cd’s available:

Apparently the artist Lustmord got a similar packet and he wrote this on his blog about the releases:  “The release is interesting for me personally as it includes a show where I was at the mixing desk (London, Heaven 1982) and another from when I was more actively involved in SPK as a member, performing material I had contributed too (London, Brixton April 1982). 

The Brixton show is of particular interest from a historical perspective as it’s one of only two SPK shows where all but one of the tracks were ever performed (the other being at London’s Electric Ballroom a week or two later) and apart from the one track “In The Dying Moments”, none of the material from this period were ever recorded in the studio.

BLACK MAGICIAN reveal second new track. CD presale started!

As the date to the official release of BLACK MAGICIAN’s debut album ‘Nature Is The Devil’s Church’ draws ever closer, today Burning World Recording makes the final track from the album ‘Chattox’ available to stream on Soundcloud which you can check out below.

Read what Sludgelord.com has to say about the album:
“When you feel that Doom Metal has gone a little stale of late here comes a band like Black Magician that manages to turn the genre on its head. The album is full top-notch riffs, vocals and lyrics to show these guys are one of the best creative bands in the UK Doom Metal scene right now.”

The cd version of the album is now up for presale at Burning World Records.com.

You can get the cd or you can get the package together with the Conan and Slomatics cd for a nice price.

If you are into vinyl please check the vinyl version of this album (limited to 300 copies on bloodred vinyl) through Shaman Recordings.