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CHRISTMAS SALE: all Burning World and Roadburn Records cd’s 3 euro, vinyl deals!

Evil-SantaAfter Christmas, in the first week of the new year, we have to do inventory for tax purposes. Never the most fun part of the year but it always helps if we don’t have to count too many items! So to help limit the work we have put up all cd’s as Christmas sale for 3 euro and some vinyl packages for nice prices. Next to that we do not press any cd’s any more in the future so this would make more room for vinyl as well in the years to come.

Which cd’s are 3 euro you ask? Here’s the list:

Vinyl packages

Last summer sale: Lustmord Zoetrope and The Monstrous Soul 4LP package for 15 euro

lustmord-the_monstrous_soulTo celebrate the last summer sale of 2013 we thought up something special to close the summer with. To celebrate Lustmord’s new album The Word As Power and his concerts at the end of September in London and The Hague we offer the 2 records we released on vinyl from him for a very special price.  Get The Monstrous Soul 2LP and Zoetrope 2LP on black vinyl for only 15 euro! That’s only 3,5 euro per slab of vinyl!

This sale (and in fact the whole summer sale) will end next Sunday September 8th. All items will go back to normal pricing and you’ll have to wait till next summer fro another summer sale 😉

Pick up the Lustmord albums here or take a look at all summer sale items here.

Weekly summer sale: HIGH ON FIRE The Art Of Self Defense 2LP

287503This week we are starting with a new initiative to get you through the summer without spending too much money. Every week on Tuesday we’ll put an album online for a very low price, it will stay that way for a week and then it will go back to normal. It could be a Roadburn Records or Burning World Records release, or an album from another label.

This week we’ll start of with the stoner milestone that is High On Fire’s The Art Of Self Defense on Southern Lord records on black vinyl. Remastered and with bonus tracks. Every doom- and stonerhead should have one!

The Art Of Self Defense” was initially released in 2000 by Man’s Ruin Records. Featuring the collective energies of guitarist/vocalist Matt Pike, drummer Des Kensel, and bassist George Rice with producer Billy Anderson, the record billows at the seams with Pike’s instantly recognizable guitar tone, first unleashed during his days with stoner metal behemoths SLEEP. An audio hail storm of piledriving riffs, booming rhythms and Pike’s gruff vocal tirades, “The Art Of Self Defense” remains a staple in HIGH ON FIRE’s renowned catalog of audio greatness.

Initially this one was quite expensive to get. Especially over here in Europe. But now is your chance to get it for a very attractive price: 16 euro. Order yours before the price goes back to normal, in our online store.