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Scion AV presents Roadburn Records: interviews, live video, free EP!

roadburn_800x800Roadburn records was honored to be invited by Scion AV to curate a night in The Roxy on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. On the 12th of November last year 4 bands took the stage for some schreddin performances. First up were San Diego proggers Astra, followed by New York’s garage psychedelics White Hills and riffmongers Earthless. Norwegian psychedelic black metallers Enslaved headlined the festivities wit material from their just released album RITTIR, some classics and an Led Zeppelin cover. What a day that was!

And late last year we (JP and Jurgen) were interviewed for as well for Scion. Watch those clips below. After the break more links to audio and video material of that night and a free download of the White Hills / Earthless 10″.

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THE MOUNT FUJI DOOMJAZZ CORPORATION ‘ROADBURN’ now available on cd, vinyl and digital

Mount Fuji Roadburn Sleeve

Roadburn Records is proud to present yet another installment in the ever expanding ‘Live At Roadburn’-series. After releases of Chelsea Wolfe, Ulver, Conan and Bongripper we conclude last years quintet with The Netherlands’ own The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation with an album simply called ROADBURN.

The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation is the heavy droning improv incarnation of The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble. The music taps into the blistering low-frequency guitar soundscapes, augmented with smatterings of electronic skullduggery and eruptions of cello and trombone. The overall effect of this ensemble conjures expansive sonic wastelands which seem to heighten in sludgy intensity as the sessions go on. Combining subtlety with mightily impressive cinematic-sounding climaxes. Across draughty plateaus of bottom-heavy bluster, arcs of grim string instruments sound out, making for a surprisingly digestible bout of improvisational doom.

T.M.F.D.J.C release their 5th live album ‘Roadburn’. Recorded live April 12th 2012 at the famous Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, where the Corporation had the honor of opening on the main stage on Sunday at the Festival’s Afterburner.

‘Roadburn’ is The Corporations heaviest and darkest journey into abstract alien industrial territories. During this show the animations of Harry Smith guided the band through this darkened journey of colossal darkness…

Line up for this recording :
Hilary Jeffery : Trombone
Nina Hitz : Cello
Eelco Bosman : Guitar
Gideon Kiers : Electronics
Jason Kohnen : Bass

Mixed by Danny Gras
Mastering by James Plotkin

The album is available on the bands Bandcamp page on ‘Pay What you Want’-basis or on cd and double vinyl (black and gold) in the Burning World online store. Listen to the whole album below:

Roadburn Records to release ULVER live record on vinyl in 2013

Roadburn Records is proud to present another installment in the Live at Roadburn series. The new year begins heavy with Bongripper Live At Roadburn 2012, and later Conan will follow. But we can safely say that the biggest title we can announce for 2013 is the set legendary Norwegian band Ulver played at Roadburn 2012. They played a special set of 60’s covers from 13th Floor Elevators, The Beau Brummels, Jefferson Airplane, Troggs among others.

As the band says themselves on their website: “Live at Roadburn is also around the corner. Roadburn Records will release a limited edition vinyl in one thousand copies next year, while we will release it digitally from our new webstore – store.jester-records.com – linked directly to from the app and our webpages.” (And when you are there check out the new Ulver app!)

The release is planned for an spring release. No date is set yet, but keep on checking these pages and we’ll keep you posted!

Yob Live At Roadburn 2LP Vinyl Pre-sale Started

Yob Live at Roadburn vinyl 2LP

As said a few times before: these are busy times at the Burning World Records offices. The White Hills albums have all been sent out, the Conan – Monnos orders and pre-orders are coming in and are being shipped and this Tuesday we will be at the Graveyard / Horizont show at Doornroosje in Nijmegen with our mailorder. And we have something new again this Monday. The Yob Live at Roadburn double vinyl has been sent our to the plant and will be ready to ship out  in a few weeks. We are giving you – our blog readers – the heads up on the pre-sale on this massive beast of an album. Included with the gold vinyl version (limited to 100) is a T-shirts based on the cover art (by Mories of Gnaw Their Tongues!). But of course we also have the black vinyl version. Order in our online store.

Read below what friendly words our friends at aQuarius Records had to say about Yob – Live At Roadburn:

“Attention all fans of spaceward soaring sludge!!! In 2010, blackened doom-mongers yet all-around nice guys Yob left their Pacific Northwest environs to travel to Europe, appearing at the Roadburn Festival in Holland, which we know from experience to be just about the best fest that any metal/psych fan could ever hope to attend. Yob now join the elite ranks of such bands as Wolves In The Throne Room, Earthless, Bong, Church Of Misery, and most recently White Hills, in having their Roadburn performance released on disc!

If you’re a fan, pretty much all you need to know about something like is is, is the audio quality any good? And was their performance killer? The answer to all those questions is, yes… Yob slay live, and this release will prove it to anyone who hasn’t yet seen ’em. In the hour allotted, they do four sprawling songs, “Ball Of Molten Lead”, “Burning The Altar”, “Kosmos”, and “The Great Cessation”; that’s 2 from their most-recent-at-the-time The Great Cessation album, and 2 from their previous slab to that, The Unreal Never Lived.
Epic and intense as you might expect. The set is structured nicely, crushing with riffy heaviness almost from the grinding get-go, but then “letting up” to space out psychedelically towards the end… ”

JP & Jurgen

White Hills Live At Roadburn cd out now! Pics available

Anyone who witnessed the explosive White Hills show at Roadburn 2011 knows this is a no-brainer: this set should be released. After some delays we’ve finally managed to get all the stars in the right  constellation and here it is: White Hills Live At Roadburn 2011 on cd. The vinyl will follow early in the next year.

As our store is still not functioning properly those interested can buy the cd in our Discogs store, where we have some older White Hills vinyl as well.

For those who want to relive the gig in pictures please go to our good friend Paul Verhagen’s website. Paul provided the pics on the inside of the digipack, David D’Andrea provided the artwork for the front. Design of the whole cover was once again done by Maurice of Gnaw Their Tongs fame.

Ps if you need the digital files right away please go to our Bandcamp page. You can buy the cd there and download teh digital fuiles right away!

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Bong Live at Roadburn rave review at Aquarius Records

Bong-Live-At-Roadburn-2010Our good friends at Aquarius Records in San Franciso are one of the few shops around who review each and every one of the records that come in. These guys really care about their shop, the goods they sell and their customers. That’s why we are really thrilled to read the rave review of our Bong – Live at Roadburn CD. If you haven’t got it yet please pick it up in our Discogs store.

‘At times, “Onwards…” drifts back down into lulling stretches of spacey warbling electronic FX, and hippy-kraut hand drumming, coming across like a sinister Siloah or doomy Amon Duul. Or imagine the Master Musicians Of Bukkake making an ambient album for Miasmah, maybe.The equally epic second track, “Wizards Of Krull” previously recorded for the first side of their self-titled lp debut in 2009, continues in this vein, with more powerful percussion, though. It’s 24 minutes of ritualistically pounding drums and crashing cymbals, low drone from bass and voice both, gobs of distortion and spooky psychedelic effects, those Shahi Baaja note clusters chiming in with regularity. “Wizards…” gets slowly more and more intense as it goes, really ramping up towards the end with rhythmic urgency. Damn this is good! Bong bring it, all right, quite recommended, definitely for fans of Om, SUNNO, Grails, Sylvester Anfang… and of course Bong. And bongs! Most if not all Bong releases thus far have been live, and this one is much less of a lo-fi recording than some of those, making for an essential document of Bong’s unique trance-inducing potency.’

via [ Aquarius Records ].