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CONAN European tour dates, Roadburn vinyl now available for pre-sale

ConanLiveatRoadburnDesignTonyRoberts_zps685f6c70Conan is coming for you the next few weeks (and in late March/April again with Bongripper). Be sure not to miss them live on tour starting this Friday. Here’s the official statement with the dates:

Back in April 2012 two bands shared the attention of a devoted crowd, spread across different stages at what was for them their first ever appearances in mainland Europe. Since that date at Roadburn 2012 a mutual appreciation of dusty 12 inch cones, crusty fuzz and glowing EL34s has blossomed and has borne fruit, ladies and Gentlemen we give you this – a UK tour joining together the immovable object – Chicago’s Bongripper (US), the irresistible force – Liverpool’s Conan and Leeds’ own lords Humanfly, three bands that will lay down before you a dead mountain of tone and riffs and soaring, devastating heaviness.

All current 2013 tour dates are up on our stereoposter page, feel free to share any date: http://stereoposter.com/conan

Current tour dates

February 8th Le Havre, France
February 9th Amsterdam, The Netherlands
February 10th Paris, France
February 11th Club Dijon, France
February 12th Zurich, Switzerland
February 13th Dornbirn, Austria
February 14th Praha-Břevnov, Czech Republic
February 15th Pardubice, Czech Republic
February 16th Leipzig, Germany
February 17th Potsdam, Germany
February 18th Hamburg, Germany
February 20th Dresden, Germany
February 21th Brussels, Belgium
March 21st Turku, Finland
March 22nd Helsinki, Finland
March 23rd Oulu, Finland
20th April Liverpool, England
21st April Manchester, England
22nd April Basingstoke, England
23rd April Sheffield, England
24th April Preston, England
25th April Bristol, England
26th April Edinburgh, Scotland
27th April Newcastle, England
28th April London, England
May 4th Copenhagen, Denmark (Heavy Days In Doomtown)

For those in need of a physical copy of the Conan – Mount Wrath: Live at Roadburn 2012 set please go to our online store. Pre-orders of the cd will be sent out in 2 weeks. Vinyl will be sent out the last week of March 2013. In the meantime check out the set on Bandcamp.

Conan live at Roadburn 2012 now available on Bandcamp on ‘name your price’ basis

Conan Live at Roadburn 2012 by Tony RobertsRoadburn Records is proud to present another installment in the ‘Live at Roadburn’-series. Conan’s Mount Wrath: Live At Roadburn 2012 is only available digitally for now. February/March will see the release of the CD and the vinyl around the end of March.

As we want as many people to hear these great sets we decided to do the digital version on a “pay what you want or ”name your price” basis.

For those who need the real thing and want to be sure to get one we have already put up both cd and vinyl up for pre-order. But beware: cd’s will be sent of in two weeks, vinyl at the end of March 2013.

If you have a small wallet due to the expensive holiday season, just pick it up for free and enjoy it! If you got some more money to spend and want to support the band and the label, you can name your own price. In the meantime the stream from Bandcamp itself is free, so if you don’t want to leave your email address when you want to download it for free, you can just enjoy the album from our Bandcamp site.