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Burning World Records to release vinyl repress of Monnos by CONAN

Conan-Monnos-Artwork At the time of release 2 years ago Pitchfork by way of Kim Kelly described the album as follows:

‘To strip the flesh from the bones is to find a band bent on replicating and revering the heavy sounds that came before them. To label them “stoner doom” does them a disservice. At their core, Conan are a doom band with repetitive song structures, and windswept clean vocals; the devil, however, is in the details, and the extra layers of effects and mechanical wizardry they heap upon their pure-hearted compositions elevate them to the next level. Monnos is their most solid, well-developed, and impressive effort yet, and those who walk the doomed path would do well to join their ranks.’

The vinyl of this album has been out of print for quite some time and we (the band and us) decided it was time for a repress! On green vinyl this time. Get in on the action here.

If you forgot how the album sounded please check out Bandcamp below.

BONGRIPPER Miserable vinyl and cd EU-pre-order now available

bongripper_miserable_preview Bongripper – the band that brought you Satan Worshipping Doom earlier – has announced that their new album Miserable will be released by the end of June 2015. The band will self-release the album and Burning World Records is one of the few retailers in Europe who will get the vinyl and cd of this record. If you need a copy on vinyl or cd of this masterpiece please go here to our online store.

Ps if you want to pick up the repress of Conan’s Monnos on green vinyl as well to save on shipping please go here).

Details are as follows:

66 minutes
1. Endless
2. Descent
3. Into Ruin

1000 180 gram vinyl gatefold 2LPs
– 500 black 180 gram 2LP
– 500 “wine” 180 gram 2LP (sold out!)

1000 digipack cds

Artwork painted by Mike Miller, the artist behind Satan Worshipping Doom, Hippie Killer 2LP and The Great Barrier Reefer 2LP

Please listen to the track Endless below on Soundcloud:

Limited quantities of CONAN ‘Monnos’ and 35007 ‘Phase V’ vinyl available

35007 Phase VThese records have been around the world but luckily shipped in high quality boxes so not too many damage was done to them. Last week we got back some of the US copies of long sold out Burning World Records titles: 35007 – Phase V LP (black vinyl) and Conan – Monnos on white vinyl. So if you missed out the first time. This is your last chance to pick them up as they will not be repressed up any time soon and if they are they will be on a different color vinyl.

Some copies of Monnos were damaged however. We have put them up for a lower price. Find the links to the items in our online shop below:

35007 – Phase V LP
Conan – Monnos LP
Conan – Monnos (damaged spine) LP


Conan Monnos vinyl pre-order started, Metal Hammer streams whole album

Here is your chance to order one of the 100 copies of the gold vinyl version of Monnos. Conan’s new masterpiece that will be unleashed upon the world in a few weeks time. The pre-order is up now over here in our store. And you’ll get a T-shirt with that order as well. Don’t like colored vinyl? There’s always the possibility of buying one on black wax.

If you don’t know what album we are talking about, head on over to Metal Hammer UK. They will stream the Conan album for the whole week.

Some press quotes on Monnos:
Conan are comprised almost exclusively of sonic devastation. They exist as a kind of touchstone, a comparison point of tone-worship taken to a new extreme – you hear another band trying to be really, really heavy, and you ask yourself, “Well, okay, but is it as heavy as Conan?” The answer will nearly always be no. ”

“A band who just wrapped what’s sure to be one of 2012’s best records”

” I shutter to think where they might go from here, and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if several bands set sail in this album’s massive wake. Something this bold is bound to be influential.” The Obelisk

“This album should hopefully launch CONAN on the international stage in a big way. As these guys deserve it. They have been doing this for a long while and now its time for the world to open their eyes to CONAN.”

“MONNOS is a genre-defining classic in the making. Simply Superb.” Sludgelord


CONAN: Artwork For Monnos’ Revealed + CD Pre Sales Now Available

Many thanks to our Friends at The Sleeping Shaman for posting the following item on the fantastic new artwork by Tony Roberts (click left on image = bigger):

“The eagerly anticipated 2nd Full Length Album from UK’s Caveman Battle Doomer’s CONAN entitled ‘Monnos’ will be released on 2nd April 2012 via Burning World Records, initially on CD, pre-sales for which are now available HERE (3 versions: with shirt and with the Conan/Slomatics cd included) with the vinyl being released to coincide with the bands appearance at this year’s Roadburn Festival on 13th April 2012 at the O13 in Tilburg.

And today, we can unveil the amazing artwork which was expertly carved out by Tony Roberts, who has now collaborated with CONAN on all of their releases so far and you can check it out below.

Guitarist and Vocalist Jon commented on the new album, their Roadburn appearance and how they once again got Tony Roberts involved to design the sleeve…

“We’re looking forward to getting Monnos out there. We feel the songs are as heavy, if not heavier, than those on Horseback and the split, and still retain the clarity of the tracks on the split. We are always very careful, when writing new stuff, to try and improve upon or vary slightly from what we have written before. We don’t want people to think we are content to just write the same old shit. We’re currently in the very early stages of writing new material and hopefully we can start working towards the follow up to Monnos in the not too distant future but we won’t take anything to the studio until we think it’s worth putting out. Right now we want to enjoy the release of the album, see what people think and play some more shows. When we got the invite for Roadburn 2012 we shifted a couple of dates around to make our appearance on the Friday possible because, and let’s face it, you don’t turn down the chance to appear at Roadburn unless you have a VERY good reason.”

via CONAN: Cover Artwork For New Album ‘Monnos’ Revealed + CD Pre Sales Now Available | The Sleeping Shaman.

You can also stream the 1st track from the album ‘Hawk As Weapon’ below.