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BLACK MAGICIAN release first track of debut album. Stream available

The first review of the Black Magician album (out on cd on Burning World Records in September 2012) is in. The Sleeping Shaman’s Adam Stone (also head honcho of Head of Crom records) writes his impressions of  Nature Is The Devil’s Church. He concludes:

” There is nothing lacklustre, cynical or uninspired about this lively and detailed record – it literally oozes the adored influences of decades of study into cranky occult film and literature and classic rock nuances and it does so with such fresh enthusiasm (and diseased tongue-in-cheekiness) as to spread a revitalisation of everything that is great about doom. So raise your clay pipe and rattle your tankards together for a band who have proved that the continued use of the prefix ‘Black’ retains the power to imbue a band with an unequivocal seal of quality.

Listen to the second track of the album, ‘Full Plain I See, The Devil Knows How To Row’, on Soundcloud:

BLACK MAGICIAN vocalist Liam Yates commented on the album… “Thus marks the inauguration of the Black Magician. Five hymns of mystical Doom metal and folk conceived from intense study of the bleak annals of English history and folklore, and meditation on old heavy metal, prog and folk. Inscribed in the heart of Lancashire at Full Stack Studios, surrounded by dark satanic mills, in view of witch-haunted Pendle Hill, with Matt Richardson at the helm. ‘Nature is The Devils Church‘ is an ode to brigands, boggarts, witchcraft and the dark British psyche. All hail!”

For the vinyl pre-orders at Shaman Recordings please go here. We will put up the pre-orders at the end of august when we know for sure the cd is in.