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Summer sale: Spiritual Beggars Earth Blues on blue vinyl for 10 euro!

Spiritual Beggarss NewAnother week another summer sale item. This week it’s the special Roadburn edition of the latest Spiritual Beggars opus Earth Blues. It’s on blue vinyl and it’s only 10 euro! (Normally they go for 20.) We’d say that is a bargain! Get your copy on the Burning World Records Summer Sale page or on our Discogs site if you prefer that..

Here’s some recommandations the reviewers had in store for the album a few months back when it came out:

‘No bullshit, “Earth Blues” contains some of the best material SPIRITUAL BEGGARS have written (yeah, there are some black spots too). I don’t know if this is early excitement (I doubt it) but I enjoyed “Earth Blues” more than both “On Fire” and “Demons”. Most definitely one of your best options this year if you are a Stonerhead, Hard Rocker or just a guy who appreciates great Rock music. SPIRITUAL BEGGARS are back man!!!’ (Doommantia.com)

‘Earth Blues is an exceptionally well done, highly listenable retro rock album from a super group of metal warriors and I recommend it wholeheartedly to those not yet sick of living in the past. Turn it up and party like it’s 1973! Peace frog.(Angry Metal Guy.com)