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Burning World warehouse closed till August 10th: shipping orders postponed

We have good news and bad news. We’ll start with the good.

All items that will be shipped from our warehouse will be with track & trace from now on with no extra costs for you, the buyer. We know in the US that is normal, here in Europe it is not. You have to pay extra to send it registered or pay extra to have track & trace. So basically: you always pay extra. And we have to charge extra. We have found a new shipping company that offers track & trace with each item for the same price as our old shipper (or shipper, our Dutch national mail company). As we are internet buyers ourselves and value that we know when a packet is on it’s way we are sure you will do too.

And now the bad. Due to vacation (enjoy Japan JP!) shipping items from our online store and the Discogs store will be postponed till August 10th 2012. The items you order will be set aside for you and ready to ship on August 10th. Our American store at Outer Battery will stay open these 3 weeks.


White Hills Live at Roadburn LP pre-sale started! 75 gold available


We’ve been asked many times when the cd version of White Hills Live at Roadburn 2011 was released: when is the vinyl version coming? Well the moment is almost upon us! We’ve been informed by the pressing plant that the album will be arriving around February 8th. After arrival we have to check it for faults and such and if we find it ok we will send it our the week after.

There are two versions of the album: a gold version of which 75 are available and which is only available in combination with a White Hills T-shirt (please state your size on Discogs or your Paypal-payment). The shirt has the David D’Andrea design that was made for the White Hills gig at Roadburn 2011. And 400 copies are on black vinyl. If you want one please head over to our Discogs store to make sure you don’t miss out.

One more thing about the shipping. Dutch postage does not have a catergory untill 500 gram any more. All packages have to be sent in the up to 2 kg category. This means residenst of all European countrys will have to pay 10 euro shipping (except Germans and Hollanders who pay around 6 euro) and the rest of the world is 17 euro. Steep prices, we know. The upside is that you can order 5 or 6 vinyls for the same shipping price.

As always , if you want to keep updated on all things Roadburn and Burning World related please subscribe to a mail version of this blog on the front page (right column). That way you get all posts like this – and we expect some news on the new Conan, Yob and some The Obsessed stuff the next few weeks – in your mailbox.

White Hills ‘Live at Roadburn 2011’ CD 2011 review at The Sleeping Shaman

White Hills Live At Roadburn SleeveThis release is a great addition to both White Hills’ and Roadburn’s neatly and steadily built portfolios of mind-warpingly timeless music. Even without the visuals, vintage clothing attire or volume-inflicting stage set-up, there’s no denying these New Yorkers’ pedigree as a live act is solidified by this epic show. Long live Roadburn Records and the cosmic mindfuck of White Hills.

via White Hills ‘Live at Roadburn 2011’ CD/DD 2011 review | The Sleeping Shaman.

And we’ve made Album of The Day at Roadburn.com!

Get your copy now at our Discogs store or over here if you are in the US.

Vinyl will be out by the end of February.

New vinyls: Alcest, Aun, Vallenfyre, Wounded Kings and more

Alcest – Les Voyages De L’Âme (Vinyl, Album, Gat)
Aun – Black Pyramid (LP, Album, Ltd, Aqu)
Aun – VII (2xLP, Album, Ltd)
Black Angels, The – Passover (2xLP, Album, RE, Gat)
Bongripper – Hate Ashbury (LP, Album, Ltd, RP, Cle)
German Oak – German Oak (LP, RE)
Hidden Orchestra – Night Walks (2xLP, Ltd, Bla)
Hidden Orchestra – Flight (10″)
Jeniferever – Choose A Bright Morning (LP, Album, Ltd, Cle + LP, Album, Ltd, Cle)
Jeniferever – Iris (12″, EP)
Krux – Krux III: He Who Sleeps Amongst The Stars (LP, Album)
Master Musicians Of Bukkake – Twilight Of The Kali Yuga Tours (LP, Ltd)
Metallica – Death Magnetic (5×12″, Album, Ltd)
Mortiis – Some Kind Of Heroin (The Grudge Remixes) (2xLP, Album, Ltd)
Omega Massif – Karpatia (LP, Album, RP, Ltd, Ult)
Oranssi Pazuzu – Muukalainen Puhuu (LP, Album, Ltd)
Saturnalia Temple – Ur (LP, Album)
Slabdragger – Regress (LP, Album)
Subheim – Approach (2xLP, Ltd)
Suicide – Attempted: Live At Max’s Kansas City 1980 (2xLP)
Steven Wilson – Grace For Drowning (2xLP, Album, Ltd)
Vallenfyre – A Fragile King (LP, Album)
Wolvserpent – Blood Seed (LP, Ltd)
Wounded Kings, The – Embrace Of The Narrow House (LP, Album, Ltd)

Find them all in our Discogs store.

White Hills Live At Roadburn cd out now! Pics available

Anyone who witnessed the explosive White Hills show at Roadburn 2011 knows this is a no-brainer: this set should be released. After some delays we’ve finally managed to get all the stars in the right  constellation and here it is: White Hills Live At Roadburn 2011 on cd. The vinyl will follow early in the next year.

As our store is still not functioning properly those interested can buy the cd in our Discogs store, where we have some older White Hills vinyl as well.

For those who want to relive the gig in pictures please go to our good friend Paul Verhagen’s website. Paul provided the pics on the inside of the digipack, David D’Andrea provided the artwork for the front. Design of the whole cover was once again done by Maurice of Gnaw Their Tongs fame.

Ps if you need the digital files right away please go to our Bandcamp page. You can buy the cd there and download teh digital fuiles right away!

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A Storm of Light review at aQuarius Records

As The Valley Of Death Becomes Us, Our Silver Memories Fade‘Latest slab of epic, apocalyptic, psychedelic doom from A Storm Of Light, the project of Josh Graham, who also plays in Red Sparowes, Blood And Time, and of course the psychedelic doom sludge granddaddies of them all Neurosis. So it makes sense that Graham’s project explores similar sonic territory, but where Neurosis is all downtuned crush and bellowed howl, ASOL is more spaced out, more Hawkwind, more melodic, more atmospheric. Even more so than the last full length, As The Valley spends much of its time drifting, and smoldering, hovering and shimmering, but when the songs do lock in, and get heavy, it’s still on the melodic psychedelic side of heavy, the vocals the driving force, way up in the mix, wreathed in echo and delay, giving the sound a bit of a Kyuss vibe, which is definitely not a bad thing, but when the band do crush, the sound MASSIVE, the guitars impossibly heavy, the production epic, but those stretches of extreme heaviness surprisingly brief with the tracks more often than not slipping back into the broodier moodier minimalism that much of the record explores, and those pronounced vocals, and the vocal heavy mix, definitely give this As The Valley a distinctly pop vibe, which probably screams sell out to some, but to us, just makes this less a doom metal record, or a post doom record, or whatever you want to call it, and transforms it into something tougher to pigeonhole, a sort of pop flecked metallic psych, or psychedelic doom pop. But let’s to put too much of an emphasis on the pop element, cuz this stuff is still pretty goddamn heavy, it just happens to have hooks and melodies, and chooses not to bury them, and instead flaunts them, and often lets the melody, instead of the riff, drive the song. Which is actually pretty refreshing…’

via [ aquarius records new arrivals list #373 ].

Get your copy at aQuarius, or when not in the neighbourhood, get it in our Discogs Store on 2LP (Black or Gold) or on 8-panel cd.

Bong Live at Roadburn rave review at Aquarius Records

Bong-Live-At-Roadburn-2010Our good friends at Aquarius Records in San Franciso are one of the few shops around who review each and every one of the records that come in. These guys really care about their shop, the goods they sell and their customers. That’s why we are really thrilled to read the rave review of our Bong – Live at Roadburn CD. If you haven’t got it yet please pick it up in our Discogs store.

‘At times, “Onwards…” drifts back down into lulling stretches of spacey warbling electronic FX, and hippy-kraut hand drumming, coming across like a sinister Siloah or doomy Amon Duul. Or imagine the Master Musicians Of Bukkake making an ambient album for Miasmah, maybe.The equally epic second track, “Wizards Of Krull” previously recorded for the first side of their self-titled lp debut in 2009, continues in this vein, with more powerful percussion, though. It’s 24 minutes of ritualistically pounding drums and crashing cymbals, low drone from bass and voice both, gobs of distortion and spooky psychedelic effects, those Shahi Baaja note clusters chiming in with regularity. “Wizards…” gets slowly more and more intense as it goes, really ramping up towards the end with rhythmic urgency. Damn this is good! Bong bring it, all right, quite recommended, definitely for fans of Om, SUNNO, Grails, Sylvester Anfang… and of course Bong. And bongs! Most if not all Bong releases thus far have been live, and this one is much less of a lo-fi recording than some of those, making for an essential document of Bong’s unique trance-inducing potency.’

via [ Aquarius Records ].