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White Hills Live At Roadburn LP released! Pics available

First of all thanks we’d like to thank all those who bought the gold version of the White Hills album. It sold out in a flash. We are now busy packing them (we had some delay because the shirts were late, but it was worth the wait, they look fabulous with the silver print in black shirts!). All wil be sent out early next week at last. For now that leaves us some pictures of the actual LP. It came out just as we hoped, with the beautiful artwork by David D’Andrea and the live pics by Paul Verhagen at Achrome Moments. For now we still have some on black vinyl for sale but they will be gone quick.

Jurgen & JP

PS if interested buy in our online store.
PPS keep on following this blog: this week we’ll be putting two other releases up for pre-sale. We expect them to go as fast as White Hills so stay tuned!

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White Hills Live at Roadburn LP pre-sale started! 75 gold available


We’ve been asked many times when the cd version of White Hills Live at Roadburn 2011 was released: when is the vinyl version coming? Well the moment is almost upon us! We’ve been informed by the pressing plant that the album will be arriving around February 8th. After arrival we have to check it for faults and such and if we find it ok we will send it our the week after.

There are two versions of the album: a gold version of which 75 are available and which is only available in combination with a White Hills T-shirt (please state your size on Discogs or your Paypal-payment). The shirt has the David D’Andrea design that was made for the White Hills gig at Roadburn 2011. And 400 copies are on black vinyl. If you want one please head over to our Discogs store to make sure you don’t miss out.

One more thing about the shipping. Dutch postage does not have a catergory untill 500 gram any more. All packages have to be sent in the up to 2 kg category. This means residenst of all European countrys will have to pay 10 euro shipping (except Germans and Hollanders who pay around 6 euro) and the rest of the world is 17 euro. Steep prices, we know. The upside is that you can order 5 or 6 vinyls for the same shipping price.

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White Hills Live At Roadburn cd out now! Pics available

Anyone who witnessed the explosive White Hills show at Roadburn 2011 knows this is a no-brainer: this set should be released. After some delays we’ve finally managed to get all the stars in the right ┬áconstellation and here it is: White Hills Live At Roadburn 2011 on cd. The vinyl will follow early in the next year.

As our store is still not functioning properly those interested can buy the cd in our Discogs store, where we have some older White Hills vinyl as well.

For those who want to relive the gig in pictures please go to our good friend Paul Verhagen’s website. Paul provided the pics on the inside of the digipack, David D’Andrea provided the artwork for the front. Design of the whole cover was once again done by Maurice of Gnaw Their Tongs fame.

Ps if you need the digital files right away please go to our Bandcamp page. You can buy the cd there and download teh digital fuiles right away!

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