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BURNING WORLD RECORDS sampler for Roadburn Festival 2013, shops temporary offline

Burning World Records is proud to present the Roadburn Festival 2013 samplerBurning World records sampler. All visitors of the festival will receive the sampler when they get in this Thursday.

This is the track listing of the sampler:

THE ANGELIC PROCESS – My Blood Still Whispers
VATNETT VISKAR – Intention Oblivion
NIHILL – Fantoom
HAIKAI NO KU – Powder Flower
GNAW THEIR TONGUES – Death’s Embrace
BLACK MAGICIAN – Four Thieves Vinegar
CONAN – Grim Tormentor
MONOMYTH – Vanderwaalskrachten

You can listen to the sampler now at our Bandcamp page.

And next to that we have closed both our Discogs store and the Burning World Store till after Roadburn as the stock will go so fast there we can not keep the store updated. To limit the situations where customers have ordered records we don’t have anymore we have decided to close the shops till next Tuseday or Wednesday.

CORRECTIONS HOUSE Hoax The System 7″ now available for pre-order


Burning World Records is proud to release the debut single from Corrections House, Hoax The System, for Europe. In the US the single will be released by on Parker and Lamont’s War Crime Recordings label.

Corrections House is a metal supergroup featuring Scott Kelly (Neurosis), Mike IX Williams  (Eyehategod), Sanford Parker (Nachtmystium), and Bruce Lamont (Yakuza/Bloodiest).

‘There’s really no way to sum up the sound of Corrections House.  If you listen to each one of the members’ individual projects, then you can maybe get an idea if you just imagine a nice blend of the four of them.  It’s not metal, it’s not industrial, and it’s certainly not easily classified.  But overall, it’s pure genius! (Zero Tolerance Magazine)

The single is available in gold and black vinyl and will be sent out second week of April 2013 and will of course be available at the Roadburn festival 2013. Check out both versions in the Burning World online store.