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Invisible Oranges stream TERZIJ DE HORDE – Self in full

terzij_de_horde_2Head over to the Invisible Oranges-site for an exclusive stream of Terzij de Horde’s Self. Out October 19th 2015 worldwide on vinyl, cd, tape and digital.

Here’s what they had to say about the album: “To say Terzij de Horde’s full-length debut has been a long time coming would be a vast understatement. Existing in various forms since 2007, this Dutch five-piece’s various EPs, splits, and a special tribute to poet Hendrik Marsman offered brief, tempting glimpses into their masterful fusion of dark neocrust and expansive black metal discord, but just enough to really whet one’s palette.

Enter Self, the culmination of Terzij de Horde’s eight years of tumultuous existence. An ode to the shedding of one’s monastic self and embracing mind-body dualism, Self mirrors its thematic elements with a striking sonic duality. A stunning alternation between shimmering, near-post-rock heights and jagged, jarring discordance, Terzij de Horde’s unbridled passion remains steadfast as our protagonist sheds his singular self for the fungus it really is.”

The creature, the traveller, is torn apart
Opened, turned outward toward death
Its thinking deranged and outraged
Its seamless garment rent
-”Sacrifice – A Final Paroxysm”, Joost Vervoort/Terzij de Horde

Buy here (on vinyl or cd).

NIHILL Verderf 2LP+cd now available for presale. Free GTT vinyl included!

Nihill VerderfVerderf is Nihill’s 4th studio-album after the trilogy Krach (Monumentum), Grond (Hydrahead), Verdonkermaan (Hydrahead) and As. Undead At Roadburn (Roadburn Records) Nihill is black metal, drone, doom, noise, and even hints at martial industrialism; arriving at something resembling mechanistic dark ambient as much as traditional black metal.

  • The album is available on black, white and gold double vinyl. Get it here.
  • All copies will include a cd with the whole album.
  • All orders that are placed before December 1st will receive a free extra copy of Gnaw Their Tongues – L’Arrivée de la Terne Mort Triomphante LP, another Dutch black metal classic!
  • Orders will be shipped out 1st week of December 2014.
  • Customers from the US and Canada please go to the link below to save on shipping costs: http://www.outerbatteryrecords.com/products/nihill-verderf-2-lp-cd

Nihill is one of the scariest bands I’ve encountered, and their fourth album Verderf is the Dutch outfit’s more abrasive and disturbing effort yet. While the well-connected trio (who share members with Dodecahedron and TeRzij de Horde) ostensibly play black metal, their vision of what that means is an apocalyptic aggregate of drone, industrial, dark ambient, and pure, painful noise layered beneath the ravening tremolo, ungodly roars, and brittle blasts. It even verges on industrialized doom on songs like “Spirituum”, riding a decayed tempo straight to hell. In short, it’s nasty stuff made by unhinged people, who may be perfectly lovely in the flesh but lose all sense of mercy or melody when the spirit of Nihill comes knocking.