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BAST – Spectres now available for pre-order on CD and vinyl

SpectresgifThe UK’s blackened doomers BAST prepare to unleash their debut album ‘Spectres’ which is a co-release between Burning World Records and Black Bow Records, the new label founded by Jon Davis of Conan and more recently the man behind SkyHammer Studio.

‘Spectres’, which was also the first to be recorded at SkyHammer Studio with Chris Fielding at the helm, will see the light of day in early 2014, Burring World will handle the CD version while Black Bow will release it on 180 gram heavy weight black vinyl limited to 300 copies and just 50 cassettes. Artwork was also realised by the bands very own Craig Bryant.

You can watch the first track of the album below on Youtube.

Jon Davis (Conan/Black Bow) commented on release.. “It is with great pride that I can announce the first release on Black Bow Records. The first album to be recorded at Skyhammer Studio, with Chris Fielding on production duties. Visuals were lovingly crafted by Craig Bryant (vocals / guitar). This will be released on black vinyl, limited to 300 copies. Worldwide shipping. This album sounds like a thousand bloodied hands, smashing your face from your skull.”

BAST is a trio specialising in an unhealthy blend of Black Metal and Doom. With a flair for experimentation and emphasis on storytelling, the debut full-length ‘Spectres’ weaves together a hatful of heavy and a pinch of psychedelia to take you on a journey of Godless riffs and crippling atmosphere.

Pre-orders for the cd and vinyl (or combination of the 2) are now being taken at Burningworldrecords.com. Vinyl is limited to 300. Click click.

ASH BORER Cold Of Ages & Bloodlands vinyl now available for pre-order

Ash Borer Cold Of AgesMore and more labels approach us to do the distribution of some US titles over here.We did Bell Witch – The Longing 2LP for Flenser Records, Black Mare – Field Of The Host LP for The Crossing and Minsk – With Echoes In The Movement Of Stone 2LP for Bird Dialect. All great titled that we are proud to carry in our distro. And we have two more great titles for you.

Ash Borer has been described as:

‘Emerging as one of the most revered new bands within the ever polarizing movement of this present day American black metal scene, ASH BORER are a band that will be known as of the pillars within the genre. Through violent waves of harsh virulent sonic ambiance, the time-expanding songs that ASH BORER manifest hold true to a certain aspect of the essence of black metal; on a sonic level ASH BORER’s brand of unearthly trance-inducing ambient black metal holds its own ground by upholding the genre’s aesthetic, while on a lyrical and thematic level.’

Up for pre-sale now are the two latest titles by Ash Borer, they will be sent out the 2nd week of July.

Bloodlands LP, on the bands own label Psychic Violence
Cold Of Ages 2LP, on Pesanta Urfolk

Click on the links above to pre-order them now or – if in doubt – listen to Cold Of Ages on Spotify below.

VATTNET VISKAR CD/EP ready for pre-order

Vattnet Viskar

After some delays due to artwork and production stuff we can finally put the Vattnet Viskar Ep up for pre-sale. It will be available on cd and two colors vinyl: gold and black.

Who are Vattnet Viskar we hear you ask? Well people who have followed Burning World Records through the years know that we love our black metal warm and textured. Like Wolves In The Throne Room, like Winterfylleth. Like Altar of Plagues.

And now Vattnet Viskar. The band has gotten a great review on the EP in the US (Pitchfork 7.9 among other) , is picked up by Century Media Records for their first full lenght en was chosen by Stereogum as one of the 40 best new bands of 2012. Read what the website had to say:

‘Numerous new American black metal bands have already left pretty substantial marks in 2012, from the traditional (Brookyn heshers Mutilation Rites) to the avant garde (Colorado psych-noise kvltists Xothist), but none emerged with such a fully formed and original voice as Vattnet Viskar. The New Hampshire quartet’s self-titled four-song debut EP is propulsive and brutal, yet ambient and expansive, in measures rarely seen from a genre that often expects its purveyors to be either/or. That EP closes with the band’s best song, “Barren Earth,” an insanely ambitious and vast 13 minutes that span a galaxy of sound. It was, coincidentally, the last song written for the EP, and perhaps an indicator of the leaps the band is prepared to make.’ (Stereogum)

If interested, get your order in on our online webshop.

And listen to the whole EP on the band’s Bandcamp page below and make sure you check out Barren Earth, the 13 minute closer of the EP:

Burning World Records to release Vattnet Viskar EP in Europe

Burning World Records is proud to announce that we are releasing Vatnet Viskar’s debut EP in Europe this fall. The American foursome from New England received favourable reviews all round when the EP came out in the US in March of this year. Metalblast.net maybe says it best:

“While their contemporaries traffic in pristine production and unearthly Alcestian shimmers, these guys are far more raw and immediate. Everything’s still distinguishable and there’s no muddy maelstrom of impenetrable noise, but there’s just enough of a filthy edge for it to be considered a black metal album. And the compositions are top-notch. These guys have a great grasp of harmony through black metal riffs – it’s not quite on the same level as the Steve Reichian neoclassicalisms of Wolves in the Throne Room, but it’s definitely well on its way to getting there.”

This release has been described on Pitchfork (7.9!) as “Aside from some surprisingly wide-eyed lyrics that explore general themes of existential nihilism and a desire to tear down antiquated systems and build anew, none of those concerns really become a factor here. Vattnet Viskar is simply a strong start from a band that has tapped into the current transmogrification of black metal and proclaimed– quickly, restlessly, and enthusiastically– that it has something to say about the process.”

Listen to the whole EP on Bandcamp here:

If you want to know more about the infkluences of the band please check the mixtape they made at Sonic CVLT Nation here.

The EP will be out on cd, vinyl and digital through Burning World Records in November.