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Summer Sale: 3 Burning World / Roadburn Records cd’s for 10 euro!

summer-saleBecause we missed a week last week we are gonna do something special this week.

Take your pick of these 11 titles from our catalogua and only spend 10 bucks (not including postage)! The ideal way to complete your Burning World or Roadburn Records collection.

How does it work? Just pay for the items and put in the Paypal-comments which titles you want. If you order more we will work out the cheapest way of shipping and refund you the surplus on the shipping payments you made.

This is the list, get the sale here or browse through all the summer sale items here:

The Angelic Process – Coma Wearing CD
A Storm Of Light – Valley CD
Black Magician – Nature is the Devil’s church CD
Bong – Live At Roadburn CD
Church Of Misery – Live At Roadburn CD
Slomatics – A Hocht CD
Stone Axe – Stone Axe CD
White Darkness – Nothing CD
White Hills – Live At Roadburn CD
Wino – Live At Roadburn CD
Year Of No Light – Live At Roadburn CD


BURNING WORLD RECORDS sampler for Roadburn Festival 2013, shops temporary offline

Burning World Records is proud to present the Roadburn Festival 2013 samplerBurning World records sampler. All visitors of the festival will receive the sampler when they get in this Thursday.

This is the track listing of the sampler:

THE ANGELIC PROCESS – My Blood Still Whispers
VATNETT VISKAR – Intention Oblivion
NIHILL – Fantoom
HAIKAI NO KU – Powder Flower
GNAW THEIR TONGUES – Death’s Embrace
BLACK MAGICIAN – Four Thieves Vinegar
CONAN – Grim Tormentor
MONOMYTH – Vanderwaalskrachten

You can listen to the sampler now at our Bandcamp page.

And next to that we have closed both our Discogs store and the Burning World Store till after Roadburn as the stock will go so fast there we can not keep the store updated. To limit the situations where customers have ordered records we don’t have anymore we have decided to close the shops till next Tuseday or Wednesday.

New vinyl: Lawless OST, Swans, Goat, Aluk Todolo, Sabbath Assembly, Pallbearer and more

Another installment of our ongoing ‘new arrivals’ series. New vinyl from Svart Records, 20 Buck Spin, Head of Crom, Norma Evangelica Diaboli and Temporary Residence among others.
As always, if you want to be the first to know on our updates, please subscribe to this blog on the right side of this page. All we need to know is your name and mail address. Or course we will only use that info for mailing you updates on this site. For now, dig in!

Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell – Don’t Hear It… Fear It! LP
Aluk Todolo – Occult Rock 2LP
Black Magician – Nature Is The Devil’s Church LP
Bolt Thrower – Honour Valor Pride PD
Deathspell Omega – Drought 12″
Essenz – Mundus Numen LP
Fiend Without A Face – Friend Without A Face
(Brent Hinds from Mastodon) 12
Goat – World Music LP
Hexvessel – No Holier Temple 2LP
Ihsahn – Eremita 2LP
Nick Cave – Lawless OST
Leaf Hound – Growers Of Mushroom LP
Mono – For My Parents 2LP
Moon Duo – Circles LP
Morning Beloveth – A Disease For The Ages 2LP
Nekromatheon – Divinity Of Death LP
The Original Iron Maiden Maiden Voyage (blue vinyl)
Pallbearer – Sorrow And Extinction 2LP
Sabbath Assembly – Ye Are Gods LP
Samothrace – A Reverence To Stone LP
Seremonia –  Rock ‘n’ rollin Maailma 7″
Seremonia –  Seremonia LP
shEver – Rituals LP
Storm Corrosion – S/T
(Mikael Akerfeldt / Opeth and Steve Wilson / Porcupine Tree) LP
Slabdragger / Meadows Split LP
Slomatics – A Hocht LP
Spiders – Flash Point LP
Swans – Seer 3LP
Windhand – Windhand LP (white vinyl)

BLACK MAGICIAN reveal second new track. CD presale started!

As the date to the official release of BLACK MAGICIAN’s debut album ‘Nature Is The Devil’s Church’ draws ever closer, today Burning World Recording makes the final track from the album ‘Chattox’ available to stream on Soundcloud which you can check out below.

Read what Sludgelord.com has to say about the album:
“When you feel that Doom Metal has gone a little stale of late here comes a band like Black Magician that manages to turn the genre on its head. The album is full top-notch riffs, vocals and lyrics to show these guys are one of the best creative bands in the UK Doom Metal scene right now.”

The cd version of the album is now up for presale at Burning World Records.com.

You can get the cd or you can get the package together with the Conan and Slomatics cd for a nice price.

If you are into vinyl please check the vinyl version of this album (limited to 300 copies on bloodred vinyl) through Shaman Recordings.

BLACK MAGICIAN release first track of debut album. Stream available

The first review of the Black Magician album (out on cd on Burning World Records in September 2012) is in. The Sleeping Shaman’s Adam Stone (also head honcho of Head of Crom records) writes his impressions of  Nature Is The Devil’s Church. He concludes:

” There is nothing lacklustre, cynical or uninspired about this lively and detailed record – it literally oozes the adored influences of decades of study into cranky occult film and literature and classic rock nuances and it does so with such fresh enthusiasm (and diseased tongue-in-cheekiness) as to spread a revitalisation of everything that is great about doom. So raise your clay pipe and rattle your tankards together for a band who have proved that the continued use of the prefix ‘Black’ retains the power to imbue a band with an unequivocal seal of quality.

Listen to the second track of the album, ‘Full Plain I See, The Devil Knows How To Row’, on Soundcloud:

BLACK MAGICIAN vocalist Liam Yates commented on the album… “Thus marks the inauguration of the Black Magician. Five hymns of mystical Doom metal and folk conceived from intense study of the bleak annals of English history and folklore, and meditation on old heavy metal, prog and folk. Inscribed in the heart of Lancashire at Full Stack Studios, surrounded by dark satanic mills, in view of witch-haunted Pendle Hill, with Matt Richardson at the helm. ‘Nature is The Devils Church‘ is an ode to brigands, boggarts, witchcraft and the dark British psyche. All hail!”

For the vinyl pre-orders at Shaman Recordings please go here. We will put up the pre-orders at the end of august when we know for sure the cd is in.

SLOMATICS to release A Hocht on cd on Burning World. First track and artwork available

And the good news keep on coming. After White Hills US, Black Magician and Chelsea Wolfe another addition to the roster. Slomatics from Belfast, Ireland will release their cd A Hocht on Burning World Records in September 2012. Artwork will be provided by Tony Roberts who also did the Conan – Monnos album and the Conan / Slomatics split cd for us. Vinyl duties will be handled by UK’s own Head Of Crom Records. Mastering was done by James Plotkin.

Slomatics from Belfast reporting for duty to bring you a blitzkrieg of total chaos and destruction. As their name might indicate, these guys like it slow; Electric Wizard riffage mixed with Melvins grooves and some DNA from the New Orleans family (Eyehategod, Sourvein). With two maximum low tuned guitars, who needs a bass player anyway? As a trio, Slomatics will do enough damage as it is!

The band will play at the Incubate Festival in September here in Holland.

Listen to the first track of the album, Beyond Acid Canyon on Bandcamp:

Burning World to release BLACK MAGICIAN full length cd in September

Burning World Records is proud to present the latest addition to our roster: Black Magician. The band will release their debut cd Nature Is The Devil’s Church with us in September 2012. Vinyl duties will be handled by the label behind The Sleeping Shaman, Shaman recordings. Find below a quote from a The Sleeping Shaman live review, we could not have put it better ourselves and that’s not just because we are not native speakers! More info on the release when we have it.

Driven by swirling organ and monumental carved-from-granite guitar, with able rhythmic support and throaty vocals, this is pure doom metal with nary a trace of the stoner rock or hardcore sludge that can be found in the sound of so many of their contemporaries and may be best summed up by my friend and living legend Doomlord as ‘like Atomic Rooster playing early Cathedral’. If that doesn’t make you all a-slaver with anticipation for their album or a live date in your town then there is just no pleasing you.

While Black Magician confess to being just as influenced by the late 60s British folk scene as by the old guard of Heavy Metal and Doom, there’s no hippy-drippy philosophising here. Black Magician’s ideology is firmly rooted in the sinister. The brooding landscape of Arthur Machen, the haunted countryside of M.R. James is where they reside most contentedly.

Black Magician distance themselves from the current trend for pseudo-occult rehashed doom posturing and clichéd horror film imagery. What you can expect is something much more sincere, a genuine fascination with the darker side of British history.

Monolithic cosmic-nod-inducing riffs, swirling Hammond organ and dark acoustic passages are the ingredients in this alchemical brew, the resulting concoction a grim incantation, an ode to anti-urbanism, a very English darkness.

Black Magician Are
Liam Yates – Vocals
Kyle Roy Nesbitt – Guitar, Piano
Jay Plested – Drums
Matt Ford – Organ
John McNulty – Bass Guitar