THE MIDNIGHT GHOST TRAIN To release ‘Live At Roadburn 2013’ this September

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The Midnight Ghost Train Roadburn sleeveFrom the newsdesk of The Midnight Ghost Train:

‘We are very very happy and proud to announce that we will be releasing our “Live From Roadburn 2013” This september on Vinyl and CD on ROADBURN RECORDS, these guys are the king record label of heavy music in europe and we are very excited to work with them. It will be distributed all through europe and when the time comes you will beable to buy this awesome live record on Roadburn Records website, or at our live show. Our european tour this september and october will be our first tour with this release, It was already going to be an awesome tour but now its just gotten a lot heavier. So for all you european fans you will have first dibs on this release. This record reflects our live show perfectly, its dirty, its heavy and its full of soul. With lots of songs that have never been released on any of our previous records, including a cover by Left Lane Cruiser.’

We of course are honored to work with this ‘hardest working band in showbusiness! Later this week we’ll post a first teaser of what the album will sound like.


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Summer sale: WINO Live At Roadburn 2010 on gold vinyl for 5 euro!

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wino2It’s wednesday again so we have another week long sale for you. This week it’s one of the classics from the Live At Roadburn catalogue: Wino – Live At Roadburn 2010 (on gold vinyl). Read what The Sleeping Shaman had to say about the release when it came out:

‘Sound wise we are left in no doubt that this is as live as an album can get. It is just one step away from being a soundboard recording, albeit an exceptional one. This is one of the biggest selling points, however. Each instrument sits right in the mix in the perfect spot and the sound is admirably rich for such an honest recording. Wino and Roadburn Records have also not skimped on the recording, this is the whole set as it went down…no omitting tracks because of fluffs or fluctuations in response or quality…this is a warts and all document of a unique and special band on a special night for them. When Wino tells the crowd from the stage how much he enjoys playing with this line-up you can’t help but believe him, that spirit oozes from this recording.’

We have a limited supply available of this title so get it while it’s still on sale. Next week it will be normal price again.

Get it in our online store at Burning World or in our Discogs store.

This album is dedicated to bassist Jon Blank who passed away 4 days after the show.

Listen (or download) the show for free at Bandcamp below:




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NIHILL As. Undead at Roadburn 2013 tape up for pre-order

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Roadburn-2013-Afterburner-NihillThe first recordings from Roadburn Festival 2013 to see the light of day is the blistering and blackened Sunday live performance of Tilburg’s own Nihill. As. Nihill Undead At Roadburn 2013 will be released on tape – which is a Roadburn Records first! 100 copies. No digital. Just analog. Get yours here. Tapes will be sent out 1st  or 2nd week of june 2013.

Some gracious quotes about the performance:

‘Nihill then show up out of the darkness of the Green Room to ruin everyone’s relaxed party-end atmosphere. On their very first live show, the subtle genius of their three records engulfed in a whirlwind of black/doom malice and then spat out again in disgust, in a stage performance much more focused on unhinged violence than their recordings. Such is the beating we take from them that everything seems less great after Nihill.’  Terrorizer

‘Nightmarish black metal from Roadburn’s own backyard, featuring Michiel Eikenaar from Dodecahedron on brutishly snarled vocals; they laid down the kind of performance that bands with decades more experience would slit their own wattled throats for.’ Grim Kim for Metalsucks.


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Super limited Scion A/V White Hills / Earthless 10″ free with each order over 50 euro!

Posted in 2013, Burning World Records, mailorder, Roadburn Records, USA on May 17th, 2013 by Jurgen Burning World

roadburn_800x800As you probably know Scion A/V invited us last year to curate a day at the Roxy in Los Angeles. We invited Astra, Earthless, White Hills and Enslaved. All gigs were recorded in audio and video and now two tracks from that day from White Hills and Earthless (listen and download below) are available on a super limited 10″ vinyl. All you have to do is spend more than 50 euro in our online store at (see below for some of the recent arrivals) and select the item when you check out. Supplies are limited as this 10″ will only be used for promotional purposes and will not be available through other distribution channels. So get it while you can!

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Scion AV presents Roadburn Records: interviews, live video, free EP!

Posted in 2013, Roadburn Records, USA on April 4th, 2013 by Jurgen Burning World

roadburn_800x800Roadburn records was honored to be invited by Scion AV to curate a night in The Roxy on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. On the 12th of November last year 4 bands took the stage for some schreddin performances. First up were San Diego proggers Astra, followed by New York’s garage psychedelics White Hills and riffmongers Earthless. Norwegian psychedelic black metallers Enslaved headlined the festivities wit material from their just released album RITTIR, some classics and an Led Zeppelin cover. What a day that was!

And late last year we (JP and Jurgen) were interviewed for as well for Scion. Watch those clips below. After the break more links to audio and video material of that night and a free download of the White Hills / Earthless 10″.

Read more »

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THE MOUNT FUJI DOOMJAZZ CORPORATION ‘ROADBURN’ now available on cd, vinyl and digital

Posted in 2013, Roadburn Records on April 2nd, 2013 by Jurgen Burning World

Mount Fuji Roadburn Sleeve

Roadburn Records is proud to present yet another installment in the ever expanding ‘Live At Roadburn’-series. After releases of Chelsea Wolfe, Ulver, Conan and Bongripper we conclude last years quintet with The Netherlands’ own The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation with an album simply called ROADBURN.

The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation is the heavy droning improv incarnation of The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble. The music taps into the blistering low-frequency guitar soundscapes, augmented with smatterings of electronic skullduggery and eruptions of cello and trombone. The overall effect of this ensemble conjures expansive sonic wastelands which seem to heighten in sludgy intensity as the sessions go on. Combining subtlety with mightily impressive cinematic-sounding climaxes. Across draughty plateaus of bottom-heavy bluster, arcs of grim string instruments sound out, making for a surprisingly digestible bout of improvisational doom.

T.M.F.D.J.C release their 5th live album ‘Roadburn’. Recorded live April 12th 2012 at the famous Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, where the Corporation had the honor of opening on the main stage on Sunday at the Festival’s Afterburner.

‘Roadburn’ is The Corporations heaviest and darkest journey into abstract alien industrial territories. During this show the animations of Harry Smith guided the band through this darkened journey of colossal darkness…

Line up for this recording :
Hilary Jeffery : Trombone
Nina Hitz : Cello
Eelco Bosman : Guitar
Gideon Kiers : Electronics
Jason Kohnen : Bass

Mixed by Danny Gras
Mastering by James Plotkin

The album is available on the bands Bandcamp page on ‘Pay What you Want’-basis or on cd and double vinyl (black and gold) in the Burning World online store. Listen to the whole album below:

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Bongripper Roadburn vinyl pre-order now available!

Posted in 2013, Burning World Records, mailorder, Roadburn Records on March 12th, 2013 by Jurgen Burning World

Bongripper Live At RoadburnBongripper Live At Roadburn 2012 was released as ‘pay what you want’ digital download in December on Bandcamp. Bongripper Live At Roadburn 2012 was released as 2CD in February of this year. But now it’s time for the vinyl fans (like we are!) to get their fix. The Bongripper Live At Roadburn 2012 2LP will arrive at the doorstep of the Burning World Records shop in Nijmegen in the last week of March. We will check the record then and start sending them out the first week of April.  Or – if needed – we can save till the Roadburn Festival 2013 and have them ready for you there.

The record will be released in 3 versions:

gold vinyl (100 copies, only available in the Burning World Store) 21 euro
white vinyl (300 copies, these will be available in the Burning World Store  and in the USA) 19 euro
black vinyl (600 copies), these will be available in the shops and wholesale 19 euro

And we made a special sale item for the Bongripper afficionade who needs all 3 versions of the release for 50 euro, which is a discount of 3 euro per item.

PS we will probably list the Ulver Live At Roadburn 2012 2LP this Friday or early next week. If you are interested in both, of course we will combine shipping and refund double shipping if needed.

CONAN European tour dates, Roadburn vinyl now available for pre-sale

Posted in 2013, Burning World Records, mailorder, Roadburn Records on February 6th, 2013 by Jurgen Burning World

ConanLiveatRoadburnDesignTonyRoberts_zps685f6c70Conan is coming for you the next few weeks (and in late March/April again with Bongripper). Be sure not to miss them live on tour starting this Friday. Here’s the official statement with the dates:

Back in April 2012 two bands shared the attention of a devoted crowd, spread across different stages at what was for them their first ever appearances in mainland Europe. Since that date at Roadburn 2012 a mutual appreciation of dusty 12 inch cones, crusty fuzz and glowing EL34s has blossomed and has borne fruit, ladies and Gentlemen we give you this – a UK tour joining together the immovable object – Chicago’s Bongripper (US), the irresistible force – Liverpool’s Conan and Leeds’ own lords Humanfly, three bands that will lay down before you a dead mountain of tone and riffs and soaring, devastating heaviness.

All current 2013 tour dates are up on our stereoposter page, feel free to share any date:

Current tour dates

February 8th Le Havre, France
February 9th Amsterdam, The Netherlands
February 10th Paris, France
February 11th Club Dijon, France
February 12th Zurich, Switzerland
February 13th Dornbirn, Austria
February 14th Praha-Břevnov, Czech Republic
February 15th Pardubice, Czech Republic
February 16th Leipzig, Germany
February 17th Potsdam, Germany
February 18th Hamburg, Germany
February 20th Dresden, Germany
February 21th Brussels, Belgium
March 21st Turku, Finland
March 22nd Helsinki, Finland
March 23rd Oulu, Finland
20th April Liverpool, England
21st April Manchester, England
22nd April Basingstoke, England
23rd April Sheffield, England
24th April Preston, England
25th April Bristol, England
26th April Edinburgh, Scotland
27th April Newcastle, England
28th April London, England
May 4th Copenhagen, Denmark (Heavy Days In Doomtown)

For those in need of a physical copy of the Conan – Mount Wrath: Live at Roadburn 2012 set please go to our online store. Pre-orders of the cd will be sent out in 2 weeks. Vinyl will be sent out the last week of March 2013. In the meantime check out the set on Bandcamp.

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Conan live at Roadburn 2012 now available on Bandcamp on ‘name your price’ basis

Posted in 2013, Roadburn Records on February 1st, 2013 by Jurgen Burning World

Conan Live at Roadburn 2012 by Tony RobertsRoadburn Records is proud to present another installment in the ‘Live at Roadburn’-series. Conan’s Mount Wrath: Live At Roadburn 2012 is only available digitally for now. February/March will see the release of the CD and the vinyl around the end of March.

As we want as many people to hear these great sets we decided to do the digital version on a “pay what you want or ”name your price” basis.

For those who need the real thing and want to be sure to get one we have already put up both cd and vinyl up for pre-order. But beware: cd’s will be sent of in two weeks, vinyl at the end of March 2013.

If you have a small wallet due to the expensive holiday season, just pick it up for free and enjoy it! If you got some more money to spend and want to support the band and the label, you can name your own price. In the meantime the stream from Bandcamp itself is free, so if you don’t want to leave your email address when you want to download it for free, you can just enjoy the album from our Bandcamp site.

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BONGRIPPER live at Roadburn 2012 2CD now available for pre-order

Posted in 2013, mailorder, Roadburn Records, USA on January 25th, 2013 by Jurgen Burning World

BongriYou’ve already had your chance to check out the Bongripper sets at Roadburn through Bandcamp (if not, do it now, it’s free!), now there’s the possibility to get your hands on the double cd version of the set. We will get the 2cd in in two weeks and will send them out then (2nd week of February).

And because the Conan Live At Roadburn CD will be out a few weeks later you can also order a package of the two for a nice price. The two bands will embark on a European tour in April. The package will be sent as soon as the Conan cd has arrived.

The cd’s are available in the Burning World webstore. Or if you live in the US, Canada check the Outer Battery Store to save on shipping (the Bongripper/Conan package will not be available there).

Check out a video of the first track Hail on the cd in video below:

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