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THE ANGELIC PROCESS Coma Waering out on vinyl now. Pics available!

Burning World records is proud to present it’s newest vinyl release: The Angelic Process’ masterpiece Coma Waering.

We pressed up 500 copies, 100 on gold vinyl including an optional T-shirt and 400 copies on old fashioned black vinyl. Get them while you can. Check what our last release Weighing Souls With Sand by The Angelic Process does on Ebay nowadays and you know you want this now you still can for a reasonable price. If you want to take a closer look at the vinyl check out the pictures below. Not very high quality as they come from my I-phone but still, you’ll get the idea.

[nggallery id=12]

Check out all version of the release (cd, black vinyl, gold vinyl, gold vinyl + shirt) out in the Burning World Records webshop at

Burning World to release SONS OF OTIS Spacejumbofudge on vinyl. Pre-order available

Burning World Records is proud to present the new addition in our ongoing cooperation with Spain’s Alone Records: Sons Of Otis – Spacejumbofudge. This milestone of a stonerclassic will be released on July 15th 2012 for the first time on vinyl.  This is the fifth album to be released in this series after Wardruna, Farflung, Stone Axe and Trinacria.

Praise for the album:
‘Shortly after being forced to add the “Sons of” to their name for legal reasons, Canada’s newly renamed Sons of Otis finally made their recorded debut with 1996’s lethargic space rock classic, Spacejumbofudge. Many bands in the so-called stoner rock scene have laid claim to heavy space rock influences in their sound (most notably Monster Magnet in their early days), but you’d be hard-pressed to find one who takes this claim more seriously than this trio.’ (

‘In general, these guys doom it up big time. Imagine listening to your favourite St. Vitus album on acid and you’ve got Sons Of Otis.’ (

Get a taste of the album on Youtube and if interested pre-order in the Burning World Records store.
Beware: the album will be shipped third week of July 2012!


Pre-order THE ANGELIC PROCESS Coma Waering cd and vinyl now available. T-shirt included

Burning World Records is now taking pre-order for the cd and vinyl re-issue of The Angelic Process masterpiece Coma Waering. This is the first time any The Angelic Process vinyl is available since 2007 when Burning World Records sublabel Roadburn Records released Weighing Souls With Sand on double vinyl (which by the way is catching top prices on Ebay nowadays). Find the links to the pre-orders below.

The T-shirts that comes with the pre-orders was designed by Mories of Gnaw Their Tongues.

Find the link for the pre-orders here, the album is available on cd and on vinyl (gold and black vinyl) and a T-shirt is also available, but tyhe cd and vinyl are also available seperately.

The items will be shipped in the last week of June 2012.

Roadburn-only vinyl (Voivod, The Obsessed, diSEMBOWELMENT) for sale and more

Finally we come around to putting some stock we have left from Roadburn Festival online. A few of them are only available with us like the Voivod Live At Roadburn Lp and The Obsessed – Live in Amsterdam and Live in Koln + 7″ albums. Dig in!

diSEMBOWELMENT – Trancendense Into The Peripheral 2LP
High On Fire – De Vermis Mysteriis (grey + cd + 12″ )
Nachtmystium – As Made 7″
Nachtmystium – Doomsday Derelict 12″

The Obsessed – Live in Amsterdam 1992 LP
The Obsessed – Live in Koln 1992 Lp + 7″

Voivod – Live At Roadburn LP

The Obsessed – The Church Within 2×10″ and Ulver – Roadburn EP 7″ are sold out.

And we’ve added ome more of our “normal” items:

Acrostichon – Return To Killburg 2LP
Belzebong – Sopnic Scapes … LP
Brainticket – Alchemic Universe LP + CD
Freedom Hawk – Holding On LP
Leaf Hound – Growers Of Mushroom LP
Patto – Hold Your Fire LP
Rush – Abc 1974 2LP
Sahg – III LP



Burning World to release THE ANGELIC PROCESS – Coma Waering on cd and vinyl, new artwork revealed

Burning World Records is extremely proud to announce the re-issue of The Angelic Process album Coma Waering on cd, and for the first time ever on LP. Coma Waering was first released on Paradigms Records in 2006 on cd, but was never released on vinyl. Our sublabel Roadburn Records already released the last The Angelic Process Album Weighing Souls With Sand on double vinyl back in 2007.

Some review quotes for the album at the time:

“The Angelic Process are (or sadly, were) the best band in the world, ever, for all time. Coma Waering, while a bit more inconsistent, is better then their (simliarly amazing) final album Weighing Souls With Sand. Lower lows (if you can call them that), but higher highs.” (Heathen Harvest)

“The Angelic Process does not create complicated music. Listeners looking for technicality or flashy time signatures can look elsewhere. What the band strives for is to convey as much emotion as possible in the simplest of song structures. From multiple listens of Coma Waering it can be concluded that they succeed on all counts. Coma Waering stifles the listener with wave after wave of heavily distorted bass coupled with memorable chord changes and intelligent synth arrangements.” (

We simply think it’s one of the best albums ever made and we are proud to release it on our label.

With the release also comes new artwork, made by Mories of Gnaw Their Tongues. Find the front sleeve below.

The album will be available on cd on June 15th 2012, the vinyl on July 1st 2012. Pre-orders will start at the end of May.

The Obsessed post sample track from Live in Koln LP on Bandcamp

Lot’s of questions came in yesterday when we posted the news on Roadburn Records releasing The Obsessed Live in Koln vinyl. To cut it short the main question was: how does it sound? Exactly for that reason we have posted the first track from the album on Bandcamp. Not to buy but just to get an idea on how the quality of the live album will be. We guess you won’t be dissapointed!

Here is all the info on the release including a link on where to purchase the album or how to pick it up when you go the Roadburn 2012.

The Obsessed To Release Live Album. Pick up at Roadburn Festival 2012

Roadburn Records is proud as a peacock to announce the release of the first slab of black vinyl from the mighty Obsessed in many years. Live in Koln December 29th 1992 captures the band live at their peak and is released to celebrate the bands come back on Roadburn on April 14th 2012. This one will be vinyl only. The recordings were mastered by James Plotkin.

The record (and shows) will be featuring the lineup from The Church Within; Scott “Wino” Weinrich on guitar/vocals, Greg Rogers (Goatsnake, Sonic Medusa) on drums and Guy Pinhas (Acid King, Goatsnake and Beaver) on bass.

The tracklist:
A: Mourning, Hiding Mask, The Way She Fly, Forever Midnight, Streamlined
B:  Brother Blue Steel, Blind Lightning, Neatz Brigade, River Of Soul

The album will first be available at the Roadburn Festival in Tilburg on April 12th 2012. All pre-orders that will be picked up there will include the limited edition 7″ that goes with the album with two secret never before released tracks. All other copies will not include the single.

If interested please order here in our online store. Upon payment with Paypal please mention “Roadburn pick up” and we will refund you your postage (our system does not provide an option with no payment for shipping, we are sorry). If you pick up other items along the way, the same “no postage” will apply of course.

Yob Live At Roadburn 2LP Vinyl Pre-sale Started

Yob Live at Roadburn vinyl 2LP

As said a few times before: these are busy times at the Burning World Records offices. The White Hills albums have all been sent out, the Conan – Monnos orders and pre-orders are coming in and are being shipped and this Tuesday we will be at the Graveyard / Horizont show at Doornroosje in Nijmegen with our mailorder. And we have something new again this Monday. The Yob Live at Roadburn double vinyl has been sent our to the plant and will be ready to ship out  in a few weeks. We are giving you – our blog readers – the heads up on the pre-sale on this massive beast of an album. Included with the gold vinyl version (limited to 100) is a T-shirts based on the cover art (by Mories of Gnaw Their Tongues!). But of course we also have the black vinyl version. Order in our online store.

Read below what friendly words our friends at aQuarius Records had to say about Yob – Live At Roadburn:

“Attention all fans of spaceward soaring sludge!!! In 2010, blackened doom-mongers yet all-around nice guys Yob left their Pacific Northwest environs to travel to Europe, appearing at the Roadburn Festival in Holland, which we know from experience to be just about the best fest that any metal/psych fan could ever hope to attend. Yob now join the elite ranks of such bands as Wolves In The Throne Room, Earthless, Bong, Church Of Misery, and most recently White Hills, in having their Roadburn performance released on disc!

If you’re a fan, pretty much all you need to know about something like is is, is the audio quality any good? And was their performance killer? The answer to all those questions is, yes… Yob slay live, and this release will prove it to anyone who hasn’t yet seen ’em. In the hour allotted, they do four sprawling songs, “Ball Of Molten Lead”, “Burning The Altar”, “Kosmos”, and “The Great Cessation”; that’s 2 from their most-recent-at-the-time The Great Cessation album, and 2 from their previous slab to that, The Unreal Never Lived.
Epic and intense as you might expect. The set is structured nicely, crushing with riffy heaviness almost from the grinding get-go, but then “letting up” to space out psychedelically towards the end… ”

JP & Jurgen

Conan Monnos vinyl pre-order started, Metal Hammer streams whole album

Here is your chance to order one of the 100 copies of the gold vinyl version of Monnos. Conan’s new masterpiece that will be unleashed upon the world in a few weeks time. The pre-order is up now over here in our store. And you’ll get a T-shirt with that order as well. Don’t like colored vinyl? There’s always the possibility of buying one on black wax.

If you don’t know what album we are talking about, head on over to Metal Hammer UK. They will stream the Conan album for the whole week.

Some press quotes on Monnos:
Conan are comprised almost exclusively of sonic devastation. They exist as a kind of touchstone, a comparison point of tone-worship taken to a new extreme – you hear another band trying to be really, really heavy, and you ask yourself, “Well, okay, but is it as heavy as Conan?” The answer will nearly always be no. ”

“A band who just wrapped what’s sure to be one of 2012’s best records”

” I shutter to think where they might go from here, and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if several bands set sail in this album’s massive wake. Something this bold is bound to be influential.” The Obelisk

“This album should hopefully launch CONAN on the international stage in a big way. As these guys deserve it. They have been doing this for a long while and now its time for the world to open their eyes to CONAN.”

“MONNOS is a genre-defining classic in the making. Simply Superb.” Sludgelord


CONAN: Artwork For Monnos’ Revealed + CD Pre Sales Now Available

Many thanks to our Friends at The Sleeping Shaman for posting the following item on the fantastic new artwork by Tony Roberts (click left on image = bigger):

“The eagerly anticipated 2nd Full Length Album from UK’s Caveman Battle Doomer’s CONAN entitled ‘Monnos’ will be released on 2nd April 2012 via Burning World Records, initially on CD, pre-sales for which are now available HERE (3 versions: with shirt and with the Conan/Slomatics cd included) with the vinyl being released to coincide with the bands appearance at this year’s Roadburn Festival on 13th April 2012 at the O13 in Tilburg.

And today, we can unveil the amazing artwork which was expertly carved out by Tony Roberts, who has now collaborated with CONAN on all of their releases so far and you can check it out below.

Guitarist and Vocalist Jon commented on the new album, their Roadburn appearance and how they once again got Tony Roberts involved to design the sleeve…

“We’re looking forward to getting Monnos out there. We feel the songs are as heavy, if not heavier, than those on Horseback and the split, and still retain the clarity of the tracks on the split. We are always very careful, when writing new stuff, to try and improve upon or vary slightly from what we have written before. We don’t want people to think we are content to just write the same old shit. We’re currently in the very early stages of writing new material and hopefully we can start working towards the follow up to Monnos in the not too distant future but we won’t take anything to the studio until we think it’s worth putting out. Right now we want to enjoy the release of the album, see what people think and play some more shows. When we got the invite for Roadburn 2012 we shifted a couple of dates around to make our appearance on the Friday possible because, and let’s face it, you don’t turn down the chance to appear at Roadburn unless you have a VERY good reason.”

via CONAN: Cover Artwork For New Album ‘Monnos’ Revealed + CD Pre Sales Now Available | The Sleeping Shaman.

You can also stream the 1st track from the album ‘Hawk As Weapon’ below.