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Heavy BirtH package: Solace Further & A.D., El Thule Green Machine 6LP vinyl

When Walter and me started out with Roadburn Festival as it is known now (around 2005) there were a few other Dutch guys and girls who were doing stuff in our “scene”. One of them was Yob from Heavy BirtH records. He released records by Jersey devils Solace, Italians El Thule and some other bands in the stoner/doom genre. Recently Yob got i touch and asked if I could take over his stock as he is living in China now and he’d rather brew beer than stock records ;-). Especially for those pre-hipster beards, pre- vinyl boom aficionados and other classic doom fans I’ve put together a package of his records for a nice price. For 25 euro + shipping you wil get:

  • Solace – Further 2LP
  • Solace – A.D. 2LP
  • EL Thule – Green Machine 2LP (Green)
  • Solenoid – Solenoid LP

Get the package here. Of course the records can also be bought separately for 10 bucks each.

ROADBURN FESTIVAL flash back: GNOD, Enslaved, Subrosa vinyl

Another edition of Roadburn Festival wrapped up and what a festival it was! We saw and loved so many good bands, to name but a few: Youth Code, Mysticum, Coven, Oranssi Pazuzu, Subrosa (both sets) etc. etc. We met a lot of great people, who luckily for us have great taste and went home with a lot of great records!

Big thanks to Dees from Lay Bare Records and Teun van Irsel helping me out behind the stand.

We’ve also had some conversation about releases from this weekend and I can say things are looking bright. Stay tuned for more news later!

The best sellers of this weekend:

  1. GNOD – Live At Roadburn 2012 LP/CD (white)
  2. Enslaved – Live At Roadburn 2016 (gold, numbered)
  3. Ulver – The Asssination of Julius Ceasar 2LP (sold out!)
  4. Subrosa – More Constant Than The Gods 2LP
  5. Bolzer – Hero LP

If you need any of these please head over to

THE MIDNIGHT GHOST TRAIN Live at Roadburn 2013 free download. Pre-sale for vinyl + CD

The Midnight Ghost Train Roadburn sleeveDownload The Midnight Ghost Train Live At Roadburn 2013 from Bandcamp below. As usual with the Roadburn releases this download is free (or more exact ‘pay what you want’). If you need more you can pre-order the album on vinyl (including a cd) and cd (in digipack with artwork). Pre-orders are up here.

The Midnight Ghost Train is a heavy blues / stoner rock band hailing from Topeka, Kansas. For five solid years The Midnight Ghost Train has been touring relentlessly in both the U.S.A and Europe, spreading their own version of thick Mississippi Delta-rooted style of stoner rock. The band is most well known for their intense, passionate, and soulful live show. No matter where they are or how many people they play to, you will never find TMGT giving anything less than their absolute best.

Now with thousands of shows under their belt, TMGT has released their new record Buffalo on Karate Body Records. Buffalo has been highly reviewed by hundreds of different sources, many of which state that it is “the greatest stoner rock record of 2012″ – Heavy Planet.

New vinyl: Orchid, Kadavar, Ulver, Om, Dead Can Dance and more

ULVER-VINYL-DIGIBOOKIt’s that time of the month again. Our irregular update of all new vinyl we got in the store in the last few weeks. And we have a nice suprise (official announcement will follow shortly after this post): all orders over 50 euro (without shipping) will get a White Hills / Earthless Roadburn Records Scion AV exclusive 10″ for free! Just select it  when you check out. But no hanky panky! If your order is not 50 euro or more, the free 10″ will be cancelled. And these 10″s will not be sold seperately as these are promo items only. We only have a limited amlount so get in while you can!

Arckanum-Fenris Kindir LP
Bong-Mana Yood Sushai Ritual LP
Earthless-Rhythms From A Cosmic Sky LP
Ghost B.C.-Infestissumam Republic LP
Haxan Cloak-Excavation Tri Angle LP
Jaga Jazzist-Live With Britten.. LP
Jk Flesh/Prurient-Worship Is The.. LP
Kadavar-Abra Kadavar LP
Kinski-Cosy Moments LP
Om-Advaitic Songs 2LP
Om-Variations On A Theme LP

Orchid – Mouths Of Madness 2LP
Queens Of The Stone Age-Lullabies To Paralyze 2LP
Raveonettes-Whip It On 10″
Ulver – Live At Norwegian National Opera 2LP 
Vibravoid-Delirio Dei Sensi Pre LP
Amorphis-Circle 2-LP
Captain Beyond-Sufficiently Breathless LP
Carcass-Necrotism – Descanting.. LP
Dead Can Dance-In Concert 3LP
Goat-World Music LP
Goat-Run To Your Mama 1 12in
Goat-Run To Your Mama 2 12in
Godflesh-Hymns 2-LP
Husker Du-Zen Arcade 2-LP
Master-Master LP
My Bloody Valentine-Mbv -Lp+Cd
Pilgrim-Misery Wizard LP
Tombstones-Year Of The Burial LP
Wiht-Harrowing Of The North LP
Wolf People-Fain LP
Wolfe, Chelsea-Apokalypsis LP
Ides Of Gemini-7-Hexagram
Golden Void-Golden Void LP
Harmonia-Deluxe -Lp+Cd
Sabbath Assembly-Restored To One LP
Shining (no)-Live Blackjazz 2-LP
Walker, Scott-Bish Bosch 2Lp+Cd
The Shrine/Zig Zags Split 7″

Looking back on 2012 and BURNING WORLD RECORDS Staff Top 10 lists

Rush - Clockwork Angels Looking back on 2012 we think we can safely say it was a superb year for both Roadburn Records and Burning World Records, the label and the mailorder. Lots of high quality releases both live (Chelsea Wolfe, Bongripper, White Hills vinyl) and studio (Conan, Black Magician, 35007, Slomatics). Next to that you’ll find the Top 10 lists of the Burning World Records staff below. Happy 2013!

On Roadburn records we released this year:

On Burning World Records we released:

(If you miss one or two of the releases please click on the title to pick it up in our store)

And 2013 is not looking bad either. Releases coming up by Ulver, Vattnet Viskar (CD/EP), Bongripper (2CD and vinyl), Conan (Roadburn live and new studio album), Drunk In Hell (watch out for this Bong-related Brainbombs stormer!), Windhand and more.

End of year lists

And as it’s the last week of the year, the Burning World offices were buzzing with end of year lists. The Quietus, Pitchfork, The Wire all had their list and the favourites for their demographe. Below you’ll find the 4 listst of the Burning World staff. If it fits whatever demographe, that’s up to you – the reader – to decide 😉

Rush – Clockwork Angels 2LP (Roadrunner)
Sabbath Assembly – Ye are Gods LP (Svart)
Moon Duo – Circles LP (Souterrain Transmissions)
Sutekh Hexen – Behind the throne LP (Magic Bullit Records)
Meschiya Lake & her Little Big Horns – Lucky Devil cd (Continental Coast)
Wino & Conny Ochs – Heavy Kingdom LP (Exile On Mainstream)
Anaal Nathrakh – Vanitas LP (Back On Black)
Taake – Noregs Vaapen LP ((Svartekunst Produksjoner)
X-TG – Desertshore / The Final Report 2LP (Industrial Records)
Wooden Indian Burial Ground – s/t LP (Mon Amie Records)


1. Godspeed you black emperor – Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend!
2. Amenra – Mass V
3. Unwinding Hours – Afterlives
4. Wovenhand – Laughingstalk
5. Sigur Ros – Valteri
6. Old Man Gloom – NO
7. EF – Delusions of grandeur
8. Mono – For my Parents
9. Ancestors – Invisible White
10. Pelican – Ataraxis / Taraxis

Swans – The Seer 3LP
Windhand – Windhand LP
Aluk Todolo – Occult Rock 2LP
Pinkish Black – Pinkish Black LP
Pallbearer – Sorrow & Extinction 2LP
Occultation –Three & Seven LP
Tamaryn – Tender New Signs LP
Vatican Shadow – Ghosts Of Chechnya MP3
Circle of Ouroborus – The Lost Entrance Of The Just LP
The Amazing – Gentle Stream LP

(PS of course we would have loved to include our own titles in the lists but we think it’s not done, so that’s why no Conan, Chelsea Wolfe or other BWR or RBR titles appear here)

BONGRIPPER live at Roadburn 2012 now available on Bandcamp on ‘name your price’ basis

Bongripper Live At RoadburnRoadburn Records is proud to present another installment in the ‘Live at Roadburn’-series. Bongripper Live At Roadburn 2012 is only available digitally for now. The new year will see the release of the 2CD (in February) and the vinyl around Roadburn 2013. As we want as many people to hear these great sets we decided to do the digital version on a “pay what you want or ”name your price” basis.

If you have a small wallet due to the holiday season, just pick it up for free and enjoy it! If you got some more money to spend and want to support the band and the label, you can name your own price. In the meantime the stream from Bandcamp itself is free, so if you don’t want to leave your email address when you want to download it for free, you can just enjoy the album from the Bandcamp site.

Roadburn Records to release ULVER live record on vinyl in 2013

Roadburn Records is proud to present another installment in the Live at Roadburn series. The new year begins heavy with Bongripper Live At Roadburn 2012, and later Conan will follow. But we can safely say that the biggest title we can announce for 2013 is the set legendary Norwegian band Ulver played at Roadburn 2012. They played a special set of 60’s covers from 13th Floor Elevators, The Beau Brummels, Jefferson Airplane, Troggs among others.

As the band says themselves on their website: “Live at Roadburn is also around the corner. Roadburn Records will release a limited edition vinyl in one thousand copies next year, while we will release it digitally from our new webstore – – linked directly to from the app and our webpages.” (And when you are there check out the new Ulver app!)

The release is planned for an spring release. No date is set yet, but keep on checking these pages and we’ll keep you posted!

New vinyl: Dinosaur Jr, Bongripper, Graveyard, 35007 and more

Just in or back in or almost in. All vinyl all the time. Just a little head up for those who come to the big Record Fair in Utrecht this weekend. If you want to have some items reserved: mail us at and we’ll keep them aside for you. This goes for all items in the Burning World Store or in the Burning World Discogs store.

As always: you can subscribe to this blog if you look on the frontpage of this blog in the right column. All we need is your name and mail address and all posts will be mailed to you the minute we post them. For now: dig in!

35007 – Phase V LP (gold / black / shirt)
Bongripper – The Great Barrier Reefer 2LP
Dawnbringer – Into The Lair Of The Sun God LP (white)
Dinosaur Jr – Bug: Live At The 9:30 Club Washington Juni 2011 LP (green)
Dogfeet – Dogfeet LP
Dusty Skull – Tossed & Lost 7″ (blue & white)
Enslaved / Roadburn Showcase USA – Arik Roper Poster
Eyehategod – Dopesick 2LP
Godspeed you! Black Emperor – Allelujah! Don’t Bend Ascend (Lp + 7″)
Graveyard – Lights Out LP/Pic Disc
Harmonia – Deluxe LP
Harmonia – Muzik Von Harmonia LP
Heavy Blanket – Heavey Blanket LP (white)
Hurdy Gurdy – Hurdy Gurdy LP
My Dying Bride – A Map Of All Our Failures 2LP
The Obsessed – Live in Koln USA version (red)
Om – Advaitic Songs 2LP
Quicksilver Messenger Service – Fillmore Auditorium Feb. 4th, 1967 With Dino Valenti LP + cd
Sweet Apple – Elected b/w No Government 7″
Tear Gas – Tear Gas LP
Tweak Bird – Under Cover Crops LP
Chelsea Wolfe – Unknown Rooms: A Collection Of Acoustic Songs LP
Woven Hand – Consider The Birds LP