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WOLF BLOOD S/T out now, whole album streaming on Bandcamp

Wolf Blood ArtWolf Blood S/T is out now and can be listened to on Bandcamp. The vinyl version will come in later this week and will be shipped to all who have pre-ordered. Pre-orders can still be placed in our online store (for Europe) or in the Outer Battery store (for US/Canada).

If you don’t know Wolf Blood read the quote below from JJ over at The Obelisk:

“Grooves and big riffs abound, but that’s nothing new to the converted, and where Wolf Blood really distinguish themselves is in the oddity of their aggression. Blending clean vocals, spoken parts and screams, they play off both metallic and heavy rock styles and craft something fluid and malevolent from them. There’s a sense of theatricality in side A finale “Dancing on Your Grave,” where much of the album’s second half seems to be more about pummel, but there’s an emerging personality at work across the board, and Wolf Blood emerge after “Procession of the Witch” unscathed by their own strangeness, having tread hard on a couple fine lines between subgenres. Ultimately, Wolf Blood is as satisfying for its brashness as it is for its density of groove.”

NIHILL premiere 1st song of Verderf – Spirituum – on Pitchfork

Nihill VerderfKim Kelly included the first track of Verderf (available on vinyl by the end of November) on her monthly metal column on Pitchfork. Read her comments on the track below.

Nihill is one of the scariest bands I’ve encountered, and their fourth album Verderf is the Dutch outfit’s more abrasive and disturbing effort yet. While the well-connected trio (who share members with Dodecahedron and TeRzij de Horde) ostensibly play black metal, their vision of what that means is an apocalyptic aggregate of drone, industrial, dark ambient, and pure, painful noise layered beneath the ravening tremolo, ungodly roars, and brittle blasts. It even verges on industrialized doom on songs like “Spirituum”, riding a decayed tempo straight to hell. In short, it’s nasty stuff made by unhinged people, who may be perfectly lovely in the flesh but lose all sense of mercy or melody when the spirit of Nihill comes knocking.

  • Listen to the song on Pitchfork (scroll down a bit on the page).

New vinyl: Dinosaur Jr, Bongripper, Graveyard, 35007 and more

Just in or back in or almost in. All vinyl all the time. Just a little head up for those who come to the big Record Fair in Utrecht this weekend. If you want to have some items reserved: mail us at and we’ll keep them aside for you. This goes for all items in the Burning World Store or in the Burning World Discogs store.

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35007 – Phase V LP (gold / black / shirt)
Bongripper – The Great Barrier Reefer 2LP
Dawnbringer – Into The Lair Of The Sun God LP (white)
Dinosaur Jr – Bug: Live At The 9:30 Club Washington Juni 2011 LP (green)
Dogfeet – Dogfeet LP
Dusty Skull – Tossed & Lost 7″ (blue & white)
Enslaved / Roadburn Showcase USA – Arik Roper Poster
Eyehategod – Dopesick 2LP
Godspeed you! Black Emperor – Allelujah! Don’t Bend Ascend (Lp + 7″)
Graveyard – Lights Out LP/Pic Disc
Harmonia – Deluxe LP
Harmonia – Muzik Von Harmonia LP
Heavy Blanket – Heavey Blanket LP (white)
Hurdy Gurdy – Hurdy Gurdy LP
My Dying Bride – A Map Of All Our Failures 2LP
The Obsessed – Live in Koln USA version (red)
Om – Advaitic Songs 2LP
Quicksilver Messenger Service – Fillmore Auditorium Feb. 4th, 1967 With Dino Valenti LP + cd
Sweet Apple – Elected b/w No Government 7″
Tear Gas – Tear Gas LP
Tweak Bird – Under Cover Crops LP
Chelsea Wolfe – Unknown Rooms: A Collection Of Acoustic Songs LP
Woven Hand – Consider The Birds LP

Arik Roper Enslaved Silk Screen poster now available in Europe

Arik Roper – who did the Sleep Dopesmoker re-issue artwork among others – designed a poster specially for the Roadburn Records showcase in the Roxy in LA November 10th 2012. We were able to get a limkited amount from the US to sell over here. The poster is a 4 color print done by Monolith Press in Alameda.

The poster (below: click = big) is printed in an edition of 100, is hand numbered and the size is 50×70 cm.

The poster will have to be sent apart from other items because of the size.

Get your copy in the Burning World Records store.

35007 Phase V vinyl now available for pre-order including T-shirt

We’re almost there. Test pressings have been received and approved, so the plant is pressing 500 of these baby’s up right now. The final installment of the 35007 vinyl series is almost upon us. All other albums of the band have been released on vinyl before (by Stickman and Man’s Ruin among other labels) but Phase V, released on cd by Stickman Records in 2005 was never released on the mighty vinyl.

The album has been described as: “35007 are instrumental jamming masters; theres lots of melody in the tracks underpinned by the quality rhythm section over which the guitars and other effects playfully interact. As I said in my review of Liquid; 35007 are all about ebb and flow and Phase V flows superbly over rocking, psychedelic jamming terrain perfectly for over 40 mins.” (Amplified Man at

But the best thing of course is to listen to the album itself to make you mind up. If you have Spotify you can listen to the whole album here.

To celebrate the release of this Dutch space rock classic we also have a T-shirt available with the minimal but beautiful design.

Both the album (on limited gold and black vinyl) and the T-shirt are available at our webshop at

THE OBSESSED Live in Koln out now on vinyl in the USA

The Obsessed Live in Koln vinyl  is now also available in the USA with a new sleeve design! On red and grey vinyl. Listen to the sample track Mourning on our Bandcamp page.

This is what our American distributor Outer Battery Records in Vermont says about the album:

Have we got a hot record for you guys! Our partnership continues with Roadburn – the Dutch festival/label – and this time we bring you The Obsessed’s “Live in Koln” LP. Recorded in 1992 and featuring the line-up from “The Church Within” – Scott ‘Wino’ Weinrich on guitar/vocals, Greg Rogers on drums and Guy Pinhas on bass – “Live in Koln” is 10 monstrous slabs of doom that captures the band at their peak.

Our version comes with new artwork designed by Guy Pinhas, and we pressed 800 copies on grey vinyl and a very limited run of just 200 copies on blood red vinyl, only available from the Outer Battery website!

If you want one please go here. And while you are at it, they also have some nice J. Mascis related vinyls on display as well.

PS for wholesale or trades in the US please mail info at outerbatteryrecords dot com.

New vinyl: Lawless OST, Swans, Goat, Aluk Todolo, Sabbath Assembly, Pallbearer and more

Another installment of our ongoing ‘new arrivals’ series. New vinyl from Svart Records, 20 Buck Spin, Head of Crom, Norma Evangelica Diaboli and Temporary Residence among others.
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Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell – Don’t Hear It… Fear It! LP
Aluk Todolo – Occult Rock 2LP
Black Magician – Nature Is The Devil’s Church LP
Bolt Thrower – Honour Valor Pride PD
Deathspell Omega – Drought 12″
Essenz – Mundus Numen LP
Fiend Without A Face – Friend Without A Face
(Brent Hinds from Mastodon) 12
Goat – World Music LP
Hexvessel – No Holier Temple 2LP
Ihsahn – Eremita 2LP
Nick Cave – Lawless OST
Leaf Hound – Growers Of Mushroom LP
Mono – For My Parents 2LP
Moon Duo – Circles LP
Morning Beloveth – A Disease For The Ages 2LP
Nekromatheon – Divinity Of Death LP
The Original Iron Maiden Maiden Voyage (blue vinyl)
Pallbearer – Sorrow And Extinction 2LP
Sabbath Assembly – Ye Are Gods LP
Samothrace – A Reverence To Stone LP
Seremonia –  Rock ‘n’ rollin Maailma 7″
Seremonia –  Seremonia LP
shEver – Rituals LP
Storm Corrosion – S/T
(Mikael Akerfeldt / Opeth and Steve Wilson / Porcupine Tree) LP
Slabdragger / Meadows Split LP
Slomatics – A Hocht LP
Spiders – Flash Point LP
Swans – Seer 3LP
Windhand – Windhand LP (white vinyl)

Burning World Records to release Vattnet Viskar EP in Europe

Burning World Records is proud to announce that we are releasing Vatnet Viskar’s debut EP in Europe this fall. The American foursome from New England received favourable reviews all round when the EP came out in the US in March of this year. maybe says it best:

“While their contemporaries traffic in pristine production and unearthly Alcestian shimmers, these guys are far more raw and immediate. Everything’s still distinguishable and there’s no muddy maelstrom of impenetrable noise, but there’s just enough of a filthy edge for it to be considered a black metal album. And the compositions are top-notch. These guys have a great grasp of harmony through black metal riffs – it’s not quite on the same level as the Steve Reichian neoclassicalisms of Wolves in the Throne Room, but it’s definitely well on its way to getting there.”

This release has been described on Pitchfork (7.9!) as “Aside from some surprisingly wide-eyed lyrics that explore general themes of existential nihilism and a desire to tear down antiquated systems and build anew, none of those concerns really become a factor here. Vattnet Viskar is simply a strong start from a band that has tapped into the current transmogrification of black metal and proclaimed– quickly, restlessly, and enthusiastically– that it has something to say about the process.”

Listen to the whole EP on Bandcamp here:

If you want to know more about the infkluences of the band please check the mixtape they made at Sonic CVLT Nation here.

The EP will be out on cd, vinyl and digital through Burning World Records in November.

Big sale to celebrate 5 years of Burning World Records!

Yes, it has come so far. Burning World Records – or actually Roadburn Records which is a sublabel of BWR – has been active for 5 years! White Darkness’ Nothing CD/2LP was the first release on the Roadburn label, Machinefabriek and Gnaw Their Tongues were the first on Burning World. Looking back you could say we had a preference for one man bands from Holland ;-).

Since then we released about 50 records, cd’s and such. Among them The Angelic Process’Weighing Souls With Sand which fetches big sums at Ebay nowadays, Neurosis Live At Roadburn 2LP (which we still have a few of!), White Hills, Church Of Misery, Wolves In The Throne Room, Alter of Plagues, Austrasian Goat and many many more.

And we are not about to stop. This fall will see the release of Chelsea Wolfe’s Live At Roadburn LP, 35007’s Phase V on vinyl, Bongripper’s ripping Roadburn sets and Viskar Vastnett’s debut EP to name but a few.

But to make some place for these new items we need to clear out some space in the warehouse. Some items we only have a few and others we have some more so if you ant to complete your Roadburn or Burning World Records catalogue for a nice price this is your chance. Lots of cd’s and vinyl for 5, 10 or 15 euro including almost all new releases!

The sale is on our own site and one Discogs. But if you buy from our own site you will have the chance of getting a colored version instead of black or to get an extra single or cd with your order!

This sale will last all through September 2012 after that the prices go back to normal.

Find the sale items below and get them on the Burning World Records site:

5 euro

Kruger – Redemption Through Looseness LP
Mos Generator – Songs For Future Gods LP
Scott Kelly – The Wake LP
Winterfylleth – The Mercian Sphere 2LP
Harvestman – In A Dark Tongue 2LP
Gnaw Their Tongues – L’Arrivee
Israthoum – Monument of Brimstone LP
Machinefabriek – Marijn LP
Trinacria – Journeys 2LP
Stone Axe – Stone Axe CD
Alter Of Plagues Tides CD
Conan / Slomatics Split
Church Of Misery CD
Wino – Live At Roadburn CD
Year of no Light – Live At Roadburn CD
A Storm Of Light – Valley CD
Machinefabriek – Ranonkel CD
Bong – Live At Roadburn CD

10 euro

Lustmord – Zoetrope 2LP
Lustmord – Monstrous Soul 2LP
A Storm Of Lights – Valley 2LP
Nachtmystium – Live At Roadburn LP
Stone Axe – I LP
Stone Axe – II LP
Wino – Live At Roadburn LP
Bong – Live At Roadburn LP
White Hills – Live At Roadburn CD
Conan – Monnos CD
The Angelic Process – Coma Waering CD
Yob – Live At Roadburn CD/DVD
Black Magician – Nature Is The Devil’s Church CD
Slomatics – A Hocht CD

15 euro

White Hills – Live At Roadburn LP
Conan – Monnos LP
The Angelic Process – Coma Waering LP
Farflung – The Believe Module LP
Yob – Live At Roadburn 2LP
The Obsessed – Live in Koln LP
Altar Of Plagues – Tides LP
Sons of Otis – Spacejumbofudge LP

CHELSEA WOLFE limited and last batch Live At Roadburn gold vinyl for sale

Just a short note to say that we have about 15 more gold copies for sale. We always wait till the album comes in to check if it arrived all right and to have some to spare in case some were damaged. And next to that we had some customers who bought way more that was allowed. I mean we are not against Ebay gold but we’d rather sell 1 copies top 10 customers than 10 copies to one Ebay seller who then flips them for 200$ (yes that’s you Old Man Chair Records, Ote138 and Wellington3rd). So this item now has a 1 copy per customer cap. If you buy more you’ll be refunded for both items and get no record. We know there is still ways to get more when you buy with different addresses and such but so be it.

Get it here. … SOLD OUT