THE ANGELIC PROCESS We All Die Laughing 6LP box now available for pre-order

This is a pre-order. The box set will be in 2nd week of December and we’ll ship out then.

Sadly we can not guarantee that the set will be with you before Christmas. It will be shipped out before Christmas though!

The set is about 2 kg so shipping is a bit more than usual. Please note that shipping rate is the same as 5 kg so you can add more items if needed for the same shipping rate.

The We All Die Laughing is a compilation of all material The Angelic Proces released during their existence from 2001 – 2007.

Official releases: 

  • …And Your Blood Is Full Of Honey LP 2001
  • Coma Waering LP 2003
  • Sigh EP 2006
  • We All Die Laughing LP 2006
  • Weighing Souls With Sand 2LP 2007
There is also a special edition of the box that includes the promo-only release (only sent to a few labels at the time):
Please select the cd version in the drop down menu to select the right box set if you need one with the cd!

Solipsistic 2003 CD

The audio of the Solipsistic cd will be available as bonus material with the digital box set release.