SUBROSA Subdued now available on cd, vinyl to follow in March

Subrosa Subdued Live At Roadburn 2017 is now available on cd. Official release is by the end of the month but we’ll ship it to you now if you order so you will have it a few days earlier.

JJ Kocsan over at the Obelisk has had a promo copy of the album for a few weeks now and the set still resonates with him on a deep level:

I have been to nine editions of the Roadburn festival. Each year offers at least one landmark performance — the one for which the festival is ultimately remembered. I don’t know if the effect could possibly be the same for someone who wasn’t there to witness it — and it’s precisely for that reason that I consider myself too close to it to be properly impartial, as noted above — but having witnessed SubRosa ‘SubDued’ and now having heard Subdued: Live at Roadburn 2017, it only further cements this set as that in my mind for 2017. It’s been six months now since and I continue to feel affected by what they did on that Het Patronaat stage, and with these tracks documenting it as gorgeously and as essentially as they do, I can only hope that will sustain for years to come. It is a reminder of the power a live performance can have and, again, as rich an experience as I’ve ever had in that regard.

Get the cd here, it’s also available in a packet with other Roadburn cd-releases.