Heavy BirtH package: Solace Further & A.D., El Thule Green Machine 6LP vinyl

When Walter and me started out with Roadburn Festival as it is known now (around 2005) there were a few other Dutch guys and girls who were doing stuff in our “scene”. One of them was Yob from Heavy BirtH records. He released records by Jersey devils Solace, Italians El Thule and some other bands in the stoner/doom genre. Recently Yob got i touch and asked if I could take over his stock as he is living in China now and he’d rather brew beer than stock records ;-). Especially for those pre-hipster beards, pre- vinyl boom aficionados and other classic doom fans I’ve put together a package of his records for a nice price. For 25 euro + shipping you wil get:

  • Solace – Further 2LP
  • Solace – A.D. 2LP
  • EL Thule – Green Machine 2LP (Green)
  • Solenoid – Solenoid LP

Get the package here. Of course the records can also be bought separately for 10 bucks each.

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