BURNING WORLD to release CELESTIAL BODIES Spit Forth From Chaos on vinyl

Invisible Oranges did a write up about the Celestial Bodies album Spit Forth From Chaos that will be out on CD in March on  I, Voidhanger Records, with LP release to come end of spring/early summer from Burning World Records.

Chaos embodied in metal is a result of faulty poetics. The chaos worshipped by black metal and grindcore bands is demonstrated with lovely rhetoric and unbridled spirit, but chaos cannot be contained within song structure and melody. Not to disregard black metal, but chaos, in its own right, cannot be caged. As we have all learned, chaos is erratic, irregular, violent but never directional. Rhetoric is an integral part of music, especially in black metal’s multidisciplinary approach, but newcomers Celestial Bodies‘s ceremonious shedding of metal’s limitations, like Abruptum before them, transforms words on paper into action.

Watch the video for the first track The Final Covenant below:

Featuring members of nightmare creators Nihill and free-jazz giants Dead Neanderthals, Celestial Bodies’s ecstatic meditations on chaos communicate the aggression of black metal’s essence and intent, but through the free-form, shattered lens of power electronics and avant-garde music. To simplify a complex point, Celestial Bodies is black metal band in spirit, but industrial in its flailing execution. Or Throbbing Gristle possessed by Katharsis’s demonic rage. Lacking any sort of pulse, melody, or human characteristics, Celestial Bodies’s shrieking, nightmarish sound thrashes about with stuttering machine noise and alien, extra-limbed drumming. Submit to chaos.

Spit Forth From Chaos will be released March 17th on I, Voidhanger Records, with LP release to come early summer from Burning World Records.

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