BURNING WORLD RECORDS ‘going through changes’ statement

GDOB2-30CH-001.cdrAs you might have noticed Burning World Records and Roadburn Records have not been as active as we once were. That sounds ominous but don’t be afraid: for every ending there is a new beginning! Reason for the relative quiet period (the mail order went on as usual) is that JP has decided to quid Burning World / Roadburn Records per januari 1st 2017. Reason is he wants to focus on his comicstore Senor Hernandez .

I wish him all the best with that and want to thank him for the almost 10 years we worked together on making Roadburn Records and Burning World Records what it is today. It took some time to get this organised (including a move) and that is why we were less active than usual.

The result is that I, Jurgen, will be doing the labels and the mailorder by myself from now on, just as when I started the labels 10 years ago. I will however work closely with Southern Lord Europe/Guy Pinhas who will do distribution for both labels for territories not covered by our distributors. We share a warehouse in Amsterdam and wil combine shipping, bad jokes and parties. And I will continu to work with Desiree of Lay Bare Recordings.

For the new year I have great things planned, like releasing some high quality vinyl for example ;-). The plans as they look now (and some surprises for Roadburn Festival 2017 still to come):

  • RBR045: Dead To A Dying World – Live At Roadburn 2016 LP+CD (in cooperation with Lay Bare Recordings)
  • RBR033: Elder – Live At Roadburn 2012 LP+CD repress 2 new colors
  • Drunk In Hell – debut album LP (yes really!!!)

  • Dead Neanderthals – studio LP

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