DEAD NEANDERTHALS to release Live At Roadburn 2016 on CS and digital. Artwork reveiled!

Dead Neanderthals FRONT DEF-01Dutch duo Dead Neaderthals are set to release their 2016 performance on Roadburn Festival on limited edition cassette (100) and digital. The cassette is housed in a stunning 3-panel sleeve designed by Loulou &  Tummie.

The digital version will go on sale next week, the cassette will be available in the first week of October. Watch this space for when pre-orders for the tape go live. Digital will be available next week.

The artwork is now available to check out in (click =large).

An impression of the set can be found at Ponto-Alternativo.

“Nijmegen duo Dead Neanderthals levelled the audience in a way harsher than most “extreme” metal bands would be able to do. Imagine a rather noisy free jazz sax solo with a drummer playing an excruciatingly relentless fill behind it. Now stretch it for about forty-five minutes of non-stop head pounding and along which you start to recognize how well kept the whole pace is.”

Dead Neanderthals © Erik Luyten

  • c&p Dead Neanderthals / Roadburn Records
    Otto Kokke – saxophone
    René Aquarius – drums
  • Recorded live by Marlon Wolterink at Cul De Sac, Tilburg
  • Mixed and mastered by Marlon Wolterink at White Noise Studio, Winterswijk //
  • Artwork and layout by Loulou & Tummie //
  • Roadburn Records //

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