Lay Bare Recs pre-orders: Pyramidal / DOMO & Rosy Finch

11219595_1032610993430243_8650643358984114000_nTwo pre-order from our sister label Lay Bare Recordings are up on the Burning World Recs site: the Pyramidal / DOMO split and the Rosy Finch Witchboro album.

Get them here or read more info below.

“Jams From the Sun” it’s the result of the latest live and improvised recording sessions of the two alicantinian bands Domo & Pyramidal. This split album contains the ups & downs of a psychedelic journey trought the master jamming mind, invoking the magnificient Sun till the darkness shows up.

Pyramidal is a psychedelic space-rock band formed in late 2009 in Alicante, Spain. Their influences come mainly from the progressive and hard rock bands of the seventies, such as Hawkwind, Can, Black Sabbath, Amon Duul II, Captain Beyond or Ash Ra Tempel.

Domo is formed at the beginning of 2010 in Alicante, Spain. Practicing loud and electrifying rock, Domo base their foundations in the psychedelia and experimentation, using as a starting point the classical structures of heavy and progressive rock of the seventies.

Rosy Finch -Witchboro

Rosy Finch is a new rock band trio, two girls and a boy doing heavy and noisy riffs together with a dollop of Stoner Rock. A special feature is the passage created by psych elements and angry and atmospherical voices, showing a mixture of 70’s and 90’s music influences.
Formed in 2013 by Elena García (Vocals/Bass guitar), Lluís Mas (Drums) and Mireia Porto (Lead Vocals/Guitars)

GENRE: Grunge, Stoner, Riot, Doom, Sludge

Rosy Finch’s first studio album is more than just a musical project. It’s a journey through the sounds of “Witchboro”, a dark and soulless village where strange magic sleeps. This LP is divided into two parts: one part “Black Hills” contains heavy and stoner riffs full of rage. Second part “Sea of Trees” has more experimental pieces and surreal soundscapes.
1.- Úrsula
2.- Hyde Formula
3.- Miss Howls
4.- Sexkinesia
5.- Polvo Zombi
6.- Will O’ The Wisp
7.- Ligeia
8.-Mistress of All Evil
9.-Dapne VS Apollo


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