WOLF BLOOD S/T out now, whole album streaming on Bandcamp

Wolf Blood ArtWolf Blood S/T is out now and can be listened to on Bandcamp. The vinyl version will come in later this week and will be shipped to all who have pre-ordered. Pre-orders can still be placed in our online store (for Europe) or in the Outer Battery store (for US/Canada).

If you don’t know Wolf Blood read the quote below from JJ over at The Obelisk:

“Grooves and big riffs abound, but that’s nothing new to the converted, and where Wolf Blood really distinguish themselves is in the oddity of their aggression. Blending clean vocals, spoken parts and screams, they play off both metallic and heavy rock styles and craft something fluid and malevolent from them. There’s a sense of theatricality in side A finale “Dancing on Your Grave,” where much of the album’s second half seems to be more about pummel, but there’s an emerging personality at work across the board, and Wolf Blood emerge after “Procession of the Witch” unscathed by their own strangeness, having tread hard on a couple fine lines between subgenres. Ultimately, Wolf Blood is as satisfying for its brashness as it is for its density of groove.”

2 thoughts on “WOLF BLOOD S/T out now, whole album streaming on Bandcamp”

  1. Could you tell me the pressing numbers for this release? It seems like it has changed a bit and now the white will be red vinyl? Last I checked it was 300 black, 100 gold, and now 100 red instead of white? THANKS!

  2. Only the color has changed: red instead of white. Numbers are: 100 gold, 150 red, 250 black. All include a cd of the whole album.

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