Conan Monnos vinyl pre-order started, Metal Hammer streams whole album

Here is your chance to order one of the 100 copies of the gold vinyl version of Monnos. Conan’s new masterpiece that will be unleashed upon the world in a few weeks time. The pre-order is up now over here in our store. And you’ll get a T-shirt with that order as well. Don’t like colored vinyl? There’s always the possibility of buying one on black wax.

If you don’t know what album we are talking about, head on over to Metal Hammer UK. They will stream the Conan album for the whole week.

Some press quotes on Monnos:
Conan are comprised almost exclusively of sonic devastation. They exist as a kind of touchstone, a comparison point of tone-worship taken to a new extreme – you hear another band trying to be really, really heavy, and you ask yourself, “Well, okay, but is it as heavy as Conan?” The answer will nearly always be no. ”

“A band who just wrapped what’s sure to be one of 2012’s best records”

” I shutter to think where they might go from here, and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if several bands set sail in this album’s massive wake. Something this bold is bound to be influential.” The Obelisk

“This album should hopefully launch CONAN on the international stage in a big way. As these guys deserve it. They have been doing this for a long while and now its time for the world to open their eyes to CONAN.”

“MONNOS is a genre-defining classic in the making. Simply Superb.” Sludgelord


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