SEIROM and the light swallowed everything now availabe for pre-order

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43212526237_klein-    If 80s 4AD-records would be transformed to the now they would sound like this.
-    If Sofia Coppola would make Lost In Translation II this would be the soundtrack.
-    This is a record that could only have been made NOW: it incorperates black metal, showgaze, post-rock, new wave and transforms those genres into one blissfull avalanche of sound.
-    Mories, the evil mastermind behind such pseudonyms as Gnaw Their Tongues, Aderlating, De Magia Verterum, has worked the 10.000 hours on his music (probably twice). The time you need to get really good at something according to Malcolm Gladwell. And the light swallowed everything is the culmination of everything he has done in the last 10 years.

SEIROM is about ‘beauty’ and melancholy, the more beautiful aspects of life.
SEIROM is about personal expression without boundaries, internal or external.
SEIROM is about grand bombastic melody filtered through noise and black metal aesthetics. The marriage of wedding bells to blastbeats.
About a certain feeling…a longing lost long ago.

SEIROM is M.C De Jong, mastermind of Gnaw Their Tongues, ADERLATING and others, a stalwart of bleak and desolate music for many years. SEIROM sees a different side of De Jong’s musical output, an outpouring of glorious light

And the light swallowed everything is Seirom’s 2nd album after 1973, released on Aurora Borealis-label in 2012.
The album is available now on vinyl and cd in the Burning World records webshop.

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COLTSBLOOD Into The Unfathomable Abyss 2LP pre-sale started

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Into The Unfathomable Abyss
Dry Cough Records/Burning World Records
Early May 2014

FFO: Grief, Celtic Frost, Conan, The Body, Electric Wizard, Indian


The thundering war drums, the voices of the old ones, the monolithic rumble of the war charge; Coltsblood head unto the breach once more with a double LP of new war hymns, ‘Into The Unfathomable Abyss’.

Pre-orders for both green and black vinyl are available in the Burning World Records online store. If you live in the UK please go to Dry Cough Records store to save on shipping.

Following on from 2013’s self-released (and Ulthar repressed) demo ‘Beyond The Lake Of Madness’ and their split with Crypt Lurker, the battle-charged trio from Liverpool present their latest offering of crushing, often suffocating, doom. The trio are primal, bleak, utterly devastating and dripping with tar-black sludge

‘Into The Unfathomable Abyss’ was recorded over the Autumnal Equinox of 2013 by Chris Fielding (Primordial, Winterfylleth, Napalm Death) at Skyhammer Studio and was mastered by James Plotkin, due to his extensive work with bands such as Khanate, Sunn O))) and Isis. The artwork was created by Grief bassist/vocalist and artist Eric C. Harrison.

Following a CD/Digital release on Candlelight Records, the seven-track album receives a much warranted vinyl pressing. The LP will be a co-release between Manchester’s DIY filth merchants Dry Cough Records and Dutch stalwarts Burning World Records. The battle-cries will be made available as a double LP in a gatefold sleeve, strictly limited to 300 copies. 100 of these will be pressed on Forest Green vinyl, with the remaining 200 pressed on Pitch Black vinyl.



Early May 2014


1. Valhalla Awaits [02:03]
2. Beneath Black Skies [14:09]
3. Blood [02:20]
4. Abyss Of Aching Insanity [12:30]
5. Grievous Molestation [06:52]
6. Ulfheonar [11:31]
7. Return To The Lake Of Madness [08:31]

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New vinyl; Sunn O)))/Ulver, Bast, Bl’ast, Offenders, Slomatics & more

Posted in 2014, Burning World Records, mailorder on March 5th, 2014 by Jurgen Burning World

Slomatics-Estron-ArtworkThere is it again, your regular, unregular update of the latest records that graced the desks of the Burning World Records staff. Special attention for the Sunn/Ulver-coop Terrestrial, Best Spectres and Slomatics Estron vinyl. All 3 are very limited and expected to sell out in a few weeks. So grab your chance now and pick them up! Don’t say at Roadburn Festival in april that you missed out. Because .. well .. we told you so ;-).

Atlantis La Petit Mort (red) 10″
Bast Spectres (CD+LP bundle) LP
Bast Spectres LP
Bast Spectres CD
Bathory Blood On Ice (red) LP2
Bl’ast Blood LP
Bl’ast The Expression Of Power LP3
Bolzer Aura (silver) LP
Cosmic Dead, & Pips Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Split LP
Cult Of Fire मृत्यु का तापसी अनुध्यान LP
Cult Of Dom Keller The Second Bardo (purple) LP
Dead Meadow Dead Meadow LP
Dead Sea Apes Lupus LP2
Goat Live Ballroom Ritual LP2
Grand Funk Railroad Live The 1971 Tour LP2
Harsh Toke Light Up And Live LP
Robert Johnson King Of The Delta Blues Singers LP
Lantern Rock ‘n’ Roll Rorschach LP
Mammatus Heady Mental LP
Meters, The Cabbage Alley LP
Monolith Cult Run From The Light (white) LP
Offenders, The Endless Struggle / We Must Rebel LP2
Raging Slab Raging Slab (coloured) LP
Slough Feg Made In Poland LP2
Sunn o))) & Ulver Terrestrials (orange) LP
Shine Brothers, The Hello Griefbirds! LP
Slomatics Estron (dried blood) LP
Slomatics Estron + A Hocht CD
Slomatics Estron + A Hocht + Conan Split CD
Slomatics Estron CD
Sutekh Hexen Become LP
Teeth Of The Sea Master LP
Umberto From The Grave LP

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BAST Spectres now available on vinyl, cd and Bandcamp

Posted in 2014, Burning World Records, Digital on February 24th, 2014 by Jurgen Burning World

SpectresgifYou know we like the Bast album. As a matter of fact we liked it so much we wanted to be involved and got on board for th cd and digital. But what we did not expect is that so many reviewers like it as much as well. A few words from them:

Cack Blabbath : Online – ‘one of the most stimulating doom records you’ll hear.’
Sludge Lord: ‘Spectres is a brilliant début album that shows Bast are on the verge of greatness.’
This is Not a Scene:  8/10 – ‘an impressive and well-crafted album that sounds immense’
Nine Hertz:  ‘ Five tracks, no need for filler. Bosh.’

Today it’s officially out! So go to you local record store and pick it up. If you haven’t got a local record store you can also get cd or vinyl in our online store. Or listen to or pick up the album on Bandcamp below.

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SEIROM to release new record on Burning World Records

Posted in 2014, Burning World Records on February 15th, 2014 by Jurgen Burning World

seiromBurning World Records is proud to reveal that the second album from Seirom ‘and the light swallowed everything’ will be released on our label. We’ve been a fan of Mories work since the beginning when we released Gnaw Their Tongues  An Epiphanic Vomiting Of Blood on vinyl and later on All the slaves … EP on cd and All the Dread Magnificense on vinyl. That history will now be continued with his new project Seirom.

The album will be out on vinyl, cd and digital and will be released on May 1st 2014. But visitors of the Roadburn Festival 2014 can get the colored version of the vinyl at the release show of ‘and the light swallowed everything’ that will take place on Thursday April 10th in Cul de Sac, Tilburg.

Seirom is the personal musical outlet of Mories of Gnaw Their Tongues / De Magia Veterum / Aderlating. with Seirom, Mories leaves the darkness of his other projects behind and moves into lighter shades.

Listen to 1973, Seirom’s first album on Bandcamp below.

PS for digital promo copies please get in touch with jurgen at burning world records dot com.

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SLOMATICS Estron now available for pre-order on vinyl and cd

Posted in 2014, Burning World Records, pre-order on January 29th, 2014 by Jurgen Burning World

Slomatics-Estron-ArtworkHallowed Northern Irish bruisers SLOMATICS have just released a new video of a taster off the forthcoming album ‘Estron‘. The track, ‘Troglorite‘, opens up the new opus, due to be released in February on limited edition dried blood coloured 12″ vinyl by Head of Crom Records and CD by Burning World.

SLOMATICS are effervescent about their fourth studio album release, which by all accounts is their strongest to date, and features seven dense and dark tracks of muscular psychoactive Melvinite doom, shot through with an early seventies Hawkwind-style fetid space vibe.

And the first reviews are already in. Over at Sludgelord they call the album: “A real triumph of quality and structure, and a new height scaled in an already stellar career of amp vandalism. It’s just that this time they really want to leave a lasting mark.” Vertical chamber Apparatus adds: ‘The seven tracks of ‘Estron’ are interconnected and bleed into each other for what could be, essentially, a near forty minute trip through the outermost reaches of the galaxy. The band has continued to push their sound and their extremes while managing to remain as heavy, if not heavier, than most of their down-tuned contemporaries.’

SLOMATICS formed in Belfast in 2005, from the ashes of post-hardcore local heroes The Naut. According to the ‘Kalceanna’ album sleeve, SLOMATICS are “middle-aged professionals by day, agro-sludge losers by night”. They have names too: David (guitar); Chris (guitar) and new boy Marty (drums and vocals – he replaced long-time member Joe in 2011). It’s hard to pin their sound down. There is a more than a hint of a hardcore past and a good dash of the expansive sludge of early Melvins, but at the end of the day, SLOMATICS sound like SLOMATICS.

No bassist features within their line-up. Dig that daddio. SLOMATICS rely on the singular (and almost quasi-religious) power of the riff, augmented by minimalist rhythms and very low frequencies, and aided by a formidable slew of Matamps and fuzz pedals. As of late 2011, original vocalist/drummer Joe left, and new drummer/vocalist Marty (of fellow Belfast band War Iron) joined. ‘Estron‘ marks a new chapter in the history of Ireland’s greatest and heaviest exponents of pure doomedelica.

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ATLANTIS confirmed for Roadburn Festival 2014

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Roadburn-2014-AtlantisRoadburn Festival has just confirmed that Burning World signing Atlantis will play the world reknowned festival on on Saturday, April 12th at Cul de Sac in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

The whole press release states:

With three critically acclaimed albums, Carpe OmniumMistress Of Ghosts, and  Omens, plus their intense live shows,Atlantis has become a respected name in the post-metal / rock scene.

Their latest release, Omens, is an intense, engaging, bleak, and heavy affair, which compelled us to let Atlantis return to Roadburn Festival, after performing at the 2012 Afterburner.

While all music is written by Gilson HeitingaAtlantis live is a full blown band. By creating a deafening wall of sound with their mixture of noise, doom, ambient, industrial, electronica, and metal, Atlantis tears down the walls between these genres, leaving their audiences in a state of awe.

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BAST premiere 2nd song of Spectres at Terrorizer. First reviews in.

Posted in 2014, Burning World Records, pre-order on January 28th, 2014 by Jurgen Burning World


Innovative UK black metal/doom hybrid Bast have revealed another new song from their eagerly awaited debut album ‘Spectres’, entitled ‘Denizens’, and you can hear it right here, exclusively with Terrorizer.

Bast’s sound is a very interesting one indeed, drawing an equal amount of influence from avant-sludge outfits like Neurosis and Eagle Twin as they do progressive black metal like Altar Of Plagues, Winterfylleth etc. The trio don’t fit comfortably in either the black metal or doom niches however, with their bleak yet psychedelic vibrations existing in a world of its own. The record’s title track, ‘Spectres’, boded well for the rest of the album, and now ‘Denizens’ is here to tantalise us even further. It’s a pretty beastly song indeed, emphasising the band’s sludgier side with aplomb.

  • Check it out here.
  • And check out the first track Spectres below:

The Sleeping Shaman reviewed Spectres and called it: ” One of the best doom albums by a UK band – and certainly one of the best debuts – of the past few years.”

Nine Hertz adds: “I think where Bast stand out is they don’t allow themselves to be distracted. Theirs is a singular vision that rarely explores unnecessary avenues. Five tracks, no need for filler. Bosh.”

The album is available for presale at Burning World on both vinyl and cd and will be shipped out in 2 weeks from now.

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BAST – Spectres now available for pre-order on CD and vinyl

Posted in 2014, Burning World Records, pre-order on January 16th, 2014 by Jurgen Burning World

SpectresgifThe UK’s blackened doomers BAST prepare to unleash their debut album ‘Spectres’ which is a co-release between Burning World Records and Black Bow Records, the new label founded by Jon Davis of Conan and more recently the man behind SkyHammer Studio.

‘Spectres’, which was also the first to be recorded at SkyHammer Studio with Chris Fielding at the helm, will see the light of day in early 2014, Burring World will handle the CD version while Black Bow will release it on 180 gram heavy weight black vinyl limited to 300 copies and just 50 cassettes. Artwork was also realised by the bands very own Craig Bryant.

You can watch the first track of the album below on Youtube.

Jon Davis (Conan/Black Bow) commented on release.. “It is with great pride that I can announce the first release on Black Bow Records. The first album to be recorded at Skyhammer Studio, with Chris Fielding on production duties. Visuals were lovingly crafted by Craig Bryant (vocals / guitar). This will be released on black vinyl, limited to 300 copies. Worldwide shipping. This album sounds like a thousand bloodied hands, smashing your face from your skull.”

BAST is a trio specialising in an unhealthy blend of Black Metal and Doom. With a flair for experimentation and emphasis on storytelling, the debut full-length ‘Spectres’ weaves together a hatful of heavy and a pinch of psychedelia to take you on a journey of Godless riffs and crippling atmosphere.

Pre-orders for the cd and vinyl (or combination of the 2) are now being taken at Vinyl is limited to 300. Click click.

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Julian Cope gives HAIKAI NO KU vinyl debut double thumbs up!

Posted in 2014, Burning World Records on January 4th, 2014 by Jurgen Burning World

Haikai noJulian Cope, Archdude of Essex, connaiseur of all things psychedelic and underground, over at Head Heritage expresses his sincere love for Sick on My Journey, the debut album of the trio Haikai No Ku.

Next up, take a listen to the sonic devastation of SICK ON MY JOURNEY by power trio Haikai no Ku, whose wall-of-noise and Titanic celebrations of Midrange are a joy to behold. Despite their fake Japanese name and scrupulous attention to overdubbing, this bunch is entirely itself, bearing all the Matamps-Thrown-Down-Elevator-Liftshafts sonic attack of Les Rallizes Dénudés, but without the supremely IQ-lessness of Mizutani’s cohorts – truly the Billy Talbots of the Underground. Indeed, although the Dutch record company Burning World claim that this band plays ‘Death Toll Blues’ in the vein of Mizutani’s finest and Kawabata’s Mainliner, please be aware that this is something of a red herring. For musically at least Haikai no Ku exhibit none of the pre-teen pedestrian Lümpenhippy Velvetsisms that Mizutani requires in order to clear his psychic custard (hell, this drummer sounds like he’s got a whole kit!), nor even any of the post-Blue Cheer, sub-High Rise wipe-outs of Kawabata Makoto’s transcendental Mainliner. But fear not, my kiddies, for instead, Haikai no Ku present us with their very own brand new trip AND it’s just as stupid and petulantly ramalaming as any of the aforemenched. So grab this slice of brown vinyl with its free CD and dig dig dig it! Stuperb debut LP, gentlemen!

The album is still available here. Or listen to the album on Bandcamp below.


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