TERZIJ DE HORDE Self vinyl up for pre-sale: 2nd song released at CVLT Nation

Posted in 2015, Burning World Records, pre-order on September 29th, 2015 by Jurgen Burning World

11695026_10153036303880732_2888087517526032068_nOfficially Terzij de Horde’s Self is out on october 19th 2015 but pre-sales are up now for the cd and vinyl (blue).

Noisey premiered the first track of the album, Absense and wrote about the band: “Utrecht’s Terzij de Horde are part of the Netherlands’ reliably excellent black metal scene (also home to Urfaust, Nihill, Dodecahedron, and, in a way, the dearly departed The Devil’s Blood) and have distinguished themselves by dint of a captivating, layered sound that blasts a black metal core with fragments of noise and heavy doses of melancholia. It is poetic, cerebral music that channels aggression and catharsis into something fruitful.” (Kim Kelly).

Today Cvlt Nation premiered the 2nd track and wrote: “Every song you will hear is thick with emotion and pounds your inner being with their urgent riffs. CVLT Nation has been given the honor of sharing with you Terzij de Horde’s beast of track “Sacrifice – A Final Paroxysm” below. The title of this record is perfect because there is something very introspective about this band’s music that will have you looking inside of your Self. Hit up the labels for the pre-orders that are in effect now!”

Here is the link to the pre-order for vinyl and cd. For the tape please go to Tartarus Records.

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Burning World to release Terzij de Horde – Self on vinyl this fall

Posted in 2015, Burning World Records on July 21st, 2015 by Jurgen Burning World

11695026_10153036303880732_2888087517526032068_nA statement from the band:

The album focuses on the problem of self. Six tracks explore different ways to live, or fail to live, with self and world. They embody the struggles these paths and strategies create: blindness, suffering, a desire for release, the destruction of self and others as well as the turning towards -or away from- life.

‘Self’ is a collaborative effort, as Burning World Records (gatefold lp), Consouling Sounds (cd) and Tartarus Records (cassette) will each be releasing it on their preferred formats in October. Read more »

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Lay Bare Recs pre-orders: Pyramidal / DOMO & Rosy Finch

Posted in 2015, Lay Bare Recordings on July 20th, 2015 by Jurgen Burning World

11219595_1032610993430243_8650643358984114000_nTwo pre-order from our sister label Lay Bare Recordings are up on the Burning World Recs site: the Pyramidal / DOMO split and the Rosy Finch Witchboro album.

Get them here or read more info below.
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New vinyl: Neurosis, Sunn O))), Goatsnake & more

Posted in 2015, Burning World Records, mailorder, New Arrivals, pre-order on July 13th, 2015 by Jurgen Burning World

NR062_TSIB_OCARD_CMYK_01 copyBlack Breath Heavy Breathing LP € 16.00
Black Breath Sentenced To Life LP € 16.00
Conan – Monnos LP € 18.00
Ecstatic Vision – Sonic Prays LP € 18.00
Goatsnake Flower Of Disease LP € 16.00
Goatsnake Black Age Blues 2XLP € 25.00
Goatsnake Dog Days + 1 2XLP € 21.00
Locrian – Infinite Dessolution LP € 18.00
Mistantropic Insomnia LP € 14.00
Nails Abandon All Life LP € 16.00
Neurosis – Through Silver In Blood 2LP pre-order € 29.00
Neurosis – Times Of Grace 2LP pre-order € 29.00
Om Pilgrimage LP € 16.00
Poison Idea Confuse & Conquer LP € 16.00
SUNNO))) Black One 2XLP € 24.00
SUNNO))) OO Void 2XLP € 24.00
Tribes Of Neurot – Grace 2LP pre-order € 29.00
Chelsea Wolfe – Live At Roadburn 2012 LP € 18.00

Find these and way way more vinyl in our online store at Burningworldrecords.com or click on the link of the item above. Happy hunting.

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CHELSEA WOLFE Live at Roadburn vinyl repress available for pre-order

Posted in 2015, pre-order, Roadburn Records on June 1st, 2015 by Jurgen Burning World

CW clear1Yes!! We finally got permission to do another (and final) reprint of onbe of our best selling records (they were gone in matter of days): Chelsea Wolfe Live At Roadburn. On 4 colors no less this time:

Red is our color for Europe and we have limited amounts of the blue and clear version so be quick if you need one of those. If you need the bandversion I guess you go see them on tour or get one in their online store when they put them up. So be quick or these will be gone again!

Official release date is July 10th 2015 but we will ship out last week of June to make sure you will have the album when it comes out.

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Limited Roadburn Festival merch items available!

Posted in 2015, Burning World Records, mailorder, sale on May 8th, 2015 by Jurgen Burning World

decks-arik-roper-design-read-postage-first-lp-box-set We needed some time to get re-adjusted after the assault (on ears and items) that is Roadburn Festival 2015. We got our shit unpacked and this is what merch we found in the boxes. Dig in quick as some are available in very limited supply.

And next to that we have some vinyl that was exclusive to the festival:

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SLOMATICS Estron LP on orange vinyl available for pre-sale

Posted in 2015, Burning World Records, mailorder, pre-order on February 9th, 2015 by Jurgen Burning World

Slomatics-Estron-ArtworkBack by popular demand! We just got word back from the plant that the repress of Estron by Slomatics on orange vinyl will be with us early march 2015. This will mean in time for Roadburn and in time to send it out to you 2nd week of march. SO get in on the action and order here.

The album is widely recognised as one of the best things Slomatics have done and it’s still getting picked up here and there as one of the top albums of last year.

As The Quietus said in their metal end of year list:

“With cover art that looks like a cross between something they forgot to include in Dune and a scene from the most awesome episode of Bravestarr ever made, it’s hard to fathom why Estron has so far been so overlooked… Where this trio of Belfast based bastards of the bludgeon have triumphed is in tweaking their sound just enough that Estron contains more than a few surprises when compared to its predecessor, A Hocht, whilst still dragging behind it the same monstrously sluggish slew of brain-injuring riffs that they’ve become known for. As [does] the Blade Runner-gone wrong ‘Red Dawn’ and the all-encompassing epic closer ‘The Carpenter’.”

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Burning World Records to release HEADLESS KROSS – Volumes

Posted in 2015, Burning World Records, Digital on February 4th, 2015 by Jurgen Burning World

Formed in 2011, Glasgow’s Headless Kross combine monolithic riffs, mind bending psychedelia and crust tinged freak-outs to give them their unique sound. 

headless krossFrequently described as ‘psychedelic doom’, swirling phasers and repetitive pounding rhythms give way to downtuned heaviness in a way that is somehow both tight and loose at the same time.

Headless Kross recorded their latest album ‘Volumes’ in July 2014 with Chris Fielding at Skyhammer Studio. This is due for release in early 2015 on Black Bow (vinyl and cassette) and Burning World (CD and download), with an amazing painted cover by US artist W. Ralph Walters. The album contains 3 gargantuan songs exploring the well-worn theme of nature reasserting herself in an incredibly violent way.

‘Volumes’ is released on vinyl via Black Bow Records on April 1st 2015, while the compact disc pressing will be handled by Burning World Records.

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SPK Working Cycle Transmission Box 5xLP+2×10″ now available

Posted in 2015, Burning World Records on January 28th, 2015 by Jurgen Burning World

Last w10940570_1072338166125589_1285798141530199933_neek a big shipment from Greece arrived on our doorstep. Inside the boxes were more boxes and in those boxes were boxes with SPK-boxes. So big only 5 fit in one big box. The box is called Working Cycle Transmission and contains material of the 3 live cds we got the last few years from the same Greece label Therapeutic/Adverse. Only new material is the extra 10″ that ia available only on our website with the following tracks:

Los Angeles April 24 1982
1 Cry From The Sanatorium
2 Chamber Music
3 Wars Of Islam
Brighton November 11 1984
1 Crack!
2 Will To Power

The special box can be purchased here in our online store. Press the link below for the whole tracklist of the 5LP+10″ box set.

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SLOMATICS Estron vinyl gets re-released on BWR

Posted in 2015, Burning World Records, mailorder, slomatics on January 26th, 2015 by Jurgen Burning World
YSlomatics-Estron-Artworkou can leave it to JJ over at The obelisk to do the right thing. He missed the release of Estron by Slomatics last year but realized his mistake and made up for it with a glowing review published last week. Read a quote from that review below. In other good news: we at Burning World Records already released Estron on cd but when the band asked us if we would be up for it to re-release the album on vinyl as the original version on the Head Of Crom-label was sold out of course we jumped at the chance: yes! Hell yeah even!
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